Growing up, I’m thankful I am alive.

It was a large family and so hard to get attention

I could not tell if I belonged or I was loved

I really had no definition for love

The smiles and the laughs and the fun stories and came but hard to know if genuine

Schooling in a boarding new land, made the difference

I had sense a GREATER POWER. I knew there was more to it but I don’t know how or why

New friends cycled in. Minds began sharing and that I heard the call

Spiritual emphasis week was its name

That was how my change began, a glorious one

I met HIM. Still wondering, going my own way, doing my own things

His love kept bringing me back. I am here to stay by GRACE

Now I can DEFINE LOVE because I met its originator

I no longer wonder attention, I have UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

His love is ever flowing

His love is ever standing

His love never runs dry, it keeps flowing and reaching

Reach out to his love. Life is not perfect but God will never hurt you

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