You Either Win or Learn


quotesCover-jpg.jpgExcuses are no ones friend

Refuse to make excuses as to why you are not pushing my dreams.

Dream and  begin taking steps to see those dreams come alive

Some call in hope; yes hope is good as it gives Faith substance

So, chose to start in faith and know that, no matter what you either win or learn

Encouragement: Lemonade


You are pushing me down, you are pushing me out

Most time I want to question my worth and sanity

It’s only so because i gave you permission to put me such awkward spot

I take back my rights

You trying to hurt me and cause me to be beggarly has only brought me to my knees

A place of deep fellowship and sweet conversations

A place where I am not afraid or ashamed to voice my opinions and be completely frank

See…. it all truly works for my good, everything

Message: Despite what life and people may try to throw at us or we throw at ourselves, the best thing that can come out of it is for it to bring us to the place of prayer. A place of smooth work with God. A place where we are unashamed and loved. A place where we will grow and strive. Not every negative situation is truly negative. Make lemonade out of that lemon.

Stay blessed. You are loved


In Chaos He Keeps Us


Too much chaos

Today is a plane crash… gross darkness every oh God

Tomorrow might be a fire or gas tanks exploding

The next day maybe and earthquake or war

oh wars have been ongoing since forever

I look to the hills and my help is right there

In these days i clink on your love and you more God

God, Christ is our only way out of crisis

Get on His side today

No one needs to know, just you and Him


Everyone Fights

Everyone has their fights but not everyone wins.

Our win differs because our fights do to.

Never use their strategy for your battle unless similar

Remember to find your own way because there are parts in the full strategy you have no idea about.

Focus gives us clarity to handle our battles

I win daily. I have the most high guiding me through all battles and fighting for me.

Let Him in yours

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