Facts About Truths (P1)- Sex



The truth will set us free that what the bible says and I believe it ;I don’t know about you. Also some great people once said that; the truth is bitter but must be spoken. Others said ‘the truth may hurt but lies is agony’ and again speaking the truth is love.

The truth is, when you know the truth life will take different phases and stare hard on you. You will try to avoid what you know is not right and above all what doesn’t please God. Furthermore when you know the truth it brings with it further truths which might hurt you or others, which might please you or others but the truth remains truth.

The truth about sex is that it is good and God made it so. But also another truth about sex is that it’s only for married people whether you agree or not and that’s why the bible says that if you can’t control your feelings get married.

Another truth about sex is that in our generation it has become the base for love in a relationship  even among “believers”or better says it has replaced it.  Life is really unpredictable, some guys come for love but at the end of the day it was sex they were looking for and all types of sensations that deals with the flesh. The awful feeling at the end is to realize that they were really for sex and this truth hurts.

Silent Inner Battles


You have let it pushed you too much

The hate, jealousy, envy, comparisms, complex thoughts …… add to the list

Taking pieces of your heart and love

Grabbing and wounding you on every side

You feel sick , near confused

It’s trying to entice you and yes it is almost working

You feel like you are breaking away from His firm grasp

The inner you knows that you should NOT fear, He won’t let you fall

The truth is You are not in much trouble as you thought

The reason you are here is because He got YOU and won’t let me slip

Let Him fight your silent inner battles with you

Speak out  and cast down all that exalts itself against your glorious destiny

The Cup That Won’t Run Dry


Life gets us feeling so benched that it’s almost as if we a draining out and that seems the best option.

We pour ourselves out to people and so too they, yet it seems like the out-pour doesn’t necessary suffice with the intake, we just never get to the brim or to a point of overflow; you know what they say about the rivers running into the sea and it’s never full, oh we still feel empty after much intake of love, gifts, prayers, praise etc. Hate, anger, jealousy, anger, chaos in our lives and families just drains us out

Nothing in this world can satisfy- my personal experience

Jesus you are the cup that won’t run dry

He only can fill us, He is the fullness of the God head so who better than Him can fill us, satisfy us, complete us

What do you think?