Who Are We?

Life is a gift, Make the most of it. Not in your judging or not judging but in finding your real purpose and get at it whether they approve or not. All you need is within you


But who are we to tell God how to run His affairs?
    He’s dealing with matters that are way over our heads.
Some people die in the prime of life,
    with everything going for them—
    fat and sassy.
Others die bitter and bereft,
    never getting a taste of happiness.
They’re laid out side by side in the cemetery,
    where the worms can’t tell one from the other ( Job 21:22-26)

The failed rescue mission………

God knows how to get us trusting.You might be in this situation now so that you look to Him only for your deliverance




Then the king, when he heard these words, was much distressed [over what he had done] and set his mind on Daniel to deliver him; and he labored until the sun went down to rescue him.”
‭‭Daniel‬ ‭6:14‬ ‭AMP‬‬

Daniel was about to be thrown into the lions den and the King

who at the time was one of the most powerful men tried to deliver

him. But for all his power and prominence he couldn’t help Daniel.

He labored until the sun went down but all his influence

couldn’t save Daniel!!

Man at his best is just a vapor.

In the fire, in the lions den we need to look to God. Daniel didn’t

rely on the King to save him. The word is very clear about where

Daniel looked to for help:

Then the king was exceedingly glad and commanded that Daniel…

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The Spirit Speaks – Is the World Falling Apart?

Humility fuels true love. Pride is a destroyer.

His Truth Will Set You Free

Travel alerts

Terrorist violence. International travel alerts. Brussels shut down. Less violent, yet still alarming: no more room for individual beliefs and discussion on US college campuses; rational discussion being replaced with shouting matches.

Does it seem like the world is falling apart? What’s going on? Why is this all happening? I, the Spirit of Jesus Christ, have the answers, but they won’t make you feel any better.

There is one answer for all such questions: its natural human pride that is ripping the world apart. Pride and self-centeredness are unwilling to accept others as they are. Pride fuels jihadist hate, and drives them to kill anyone who is different from them. Pride is unwilling to accept that others have a right to different beliefs and opinions, without having an argument about it.

See, I told you the answers wouldn’t make you feel better. If the truth of the pride that plagues…

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Belief and Hold on

Just a push to someone today!


You think that because you are fair to people,

They will be fair to you?

You think that because you’re mad at people,

They will be mad at you?

The force of belief is strong

The only way it works is if people believe your belief

The unbelief or cliché actions shouldn’t change you

Hold on to the good and I know good will come to you.

Everyone’s life is unique.


You are Beautiful

Know you and do not try to use others to feel significant

A Confluence of Idealism and Reality


I just wanted to encourage someone this morning . You are not what or who people say you are. Your are the person He created you to be- who you are becoming. You are not what you did, you are who He says you are.

For instance;

The only person that can call you ‘fat’ to Significance, is YOU- anyone else; its just a thought. It’s not a problem if you want to lose weight- it’s only a problem when you are not doing it for you.

Share this truth with someone you know needs it. Low self esteem is an illusion. You are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are!!!

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This Divorce is Hard- Calabar Chalk/ Stone


We are made of dust so what the heck if we eat dust? No harm right? I’m not so sure about that. It’s like we drink water and bathe with some (lol funny)

From my part of the world, Beautiful Cameroon, pregnant women are popular on eating this chalk and a few not pregnant us too got addicted to it and oh it suits just right you do need to eat as it truly in a weird way satisfies lol #crazysavings

My story on how i got married to this earthy friend. I suffered from nausea and it had an underlying health situation but I didn’t care to know as “calaba” served the need. Coins made the marriage stronger. I kept eating and eating till I was in the theatre for appendicitis and so I could no longer serve the marriage right.


A divorce was inevitable. I was constantly anaemic. I eat in little portions to keep the union strong but it was killing me softly. So time passed on this necessary evil and then I talked with a Pastor friend and my eyes got clearer on what it truly means to honor God with our body and our body being his temple. I knew my divorce was approved.

I prayed to let go this habit I married that I needed to detox from and yes He sent help for me. It is still a struggle even after the divorce but I’m sure I have help. Now I use my addition as facial mask and not defiling food and so can save my blood.

Do you like me have addictions you battle with?

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A Mircale In Dubai Today


Rain is one luxury we can’t afford in Dubai always. Funny right? Yes it’s a luxury city but not on the rain side lol

It did rain today after since January 2015 lol

It’s  like a miracle, no it’s a Miracle and we are celebrating

All manner of pictures are being taken of the rain drops and fogginess of some parts

Home memories it brings to a many us

I love Dubai for it’s Uniqueness.

Happy Rain Day lol

Photocredit: @PrincessTasha

My Anger Towards Us “Christians”


Before you start fussing keep reading

I constantly here us say that” the Church is like a hospital that takes in the physically, emotionally, financially and socially sick people” some say “it’s not a place for perfect people but for the imperfect trying to be perfect” Great!

The truth is without the Church there will be a big vacuum in the world and we know nature aborts vacuum

Now this is why I am angry. I am not holier than though before you start judging. I am not God yet I am a god #likebegetslike. I am not judging yet I have the mind of Christ.

We are so much at ease in Zion #dangerous. We taking God and other Christians for granted. Trying to pressure marriageable single with the talk of “let’s take the relationship to the next level” talk to get them in bed before marriage, dressing humble in service and forgetting to represent Him more out of Church building. Courting 4+ girls at once in Church; even Solomon did not do that he married his 700 and even the 300 were on a marriageable lane I believe if time permitted him and the list goes on and on Continue reading