The passion that offended many…..

You are My Passion even if No One Else is Passionate about You


Don’t let another person’s lack of passion determine your passion!

As He came near to Jericho, it occurred that a blind man 

was sitting by the roadside begging. 

And hearing a crowd going by, he asked what it meant. 

They told him, Jesus of Nazareth is passing by. 

Luke 18:35-43

I was challenged by the blind man in this passage of scripture.

He was blind and needed, desperately needed a touch from God!

What challenged me was his passion. It was raw, uncensored,

untamed, bold!!

As a Christian in today’s world can we follow Christ with a tame,

steril passion, if you can call it that?

The blind man’s passion made people around him uncomfortable.

Look at what the word says,

And he shouted, saying Jesus, Son of David, take pity and have

mercy on me!

But those who were in front reproved him, telling him to keep

quiet; yet…

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I Respect Your Love

Most times I do not understand what you want from me

It is so hard trying to play you

All I can ever be is me and my unique me

How can you say you want me and you know you are best for me?

Do not misunderstand me; I believe in the faith you have in you. Great

You cannot say you know me when you do not know the most important person and thing in my life

That one thing that means all to me

No. You cannot have a relationship with me if you do not have a relationship with HE that is all there is to me Continue reading

The Beauty of Knowing You

love picture

You let me be me

You help me be better

You show me the High way

You correct me in love

You know my flaws and flaunt my strengths

You know that I am not perfect but I am real

You know that I am strong yet teachable

You know that I need a push so you motivate me

The strength in the eyes with which you see me

So much beauty in knowing you

“It’s better to have loved”, they say

I am happy I could love



I won’t lie and say I have stopped loving you,
That the very essence of you isn’t still buried beneath my skin.
But I say the truth when I say you are no longer the first thought in my mind when the sun rises,
Or the very last before I lay my head to rest.
My heart and my head have come together,
And I see all the things I never let myself believe before.
They say it’s better to have loved and lost,
Than never to have loved,
So one day I know I would let my heart believe,
You were never the one,
And though I have loved and lost,
I have loved.

Happy weekend everyone:):):mrgreen::mrgreen:☺☺☺

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