Victory In Words


Your-words-are-where-your (1)

My words have power

I speak positive words

I declare positive things

I speak and i begin to feel strength surge from within me

I win

I speak negative

I declare and accept negative pronouncements

And soon my life goes down

And soon depressions sets in

And you lose

Your words are where your victory and success in life starts


Loves Arms

In the arms of His love i find rest

In the arms of His love there’s sweet quietness

Nothing can harm you/me , no reasons to fear

We’re safe in the arms of His love………………………………. songs inspired lyrical post

I want


I want to write a book. It’s just a want, i feel and know i need to. I just don’t know how to start or the push to continue . Please leave a comment if you can help me with some practical tips on how to start and the tenacity to continue

I have heard of the option to do audio recording as ideas flow and then later get someone to type it out. Some say do the typing yourself directly and get someone to read and yet others says hard pen and paper writing is the way to go.

In short i need divine help and direction still i know the place of goodly advice so guys… i will appreciate your help

Tales Of A Young Christian Girl

Right after a powerful service, he makes a comment on how my breast are shiny and fresh  and very distracting to him and i was in shock and didn’t know if that was plain out disrespectful , an honest remark , a cute comment to make my head swell that i’m beautiful and take care of myself, plain out immoral or a compliment from a christian brother.

Should i be angry and call him out as being carnal and immoral? You know what the bible says about looking upon a woman lustfully and sinning in your heart. Is it the same or should i be blamed for not dressing appropriately to an extend that my breast could be seen through my shirt… or why did i wear a shirt without an inner wear

I guess there are side to every coin unless its not a coin. What do you make of it