Your message is not my message

Do not try to make your message mine

We are all into distinct yet similar things

Different purposes yet same goal

Different starts yet to the same end


LOVE is our reason

Love is our goal

Love is the end

Our words maybe different but united in LOVE

Our action maybe be different yet aimed at LOVE


Let love prevail in our lives.


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There are no mistakes with God

We might not understand what is up with us or with the things we are expecting or why certain outcomes in and our lives are they way they are but be sure that if you love God and are genuinely seeking and serving Him, know that He is purposeful. He does not make mistakes. He will not start with you.

He is too purposeful. Give it time and you will know that no experience is wasted with Him. His purpose for your life will stand and some day soonest , you will look back and see why everything happened

So today i encourage you to know that there are mistakes as it concerns your life in Christ. You will see the purpose in all your experiences soonest.

Be Inspired. Be Blessed

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Life Lessons Are Everywhere

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He asked me a question. It was an honest and simple one. I had talk about the answer i gave him with friends, believing friends (born again) and we all had no issues with the answer. However when i gave him our usual response, he than made a statement to me that demands me repenting and apologizing to God. He said” i thought you were a believer, you don’t believe like i thought. When God gives, he makes provision”

Then they realization dawned on me that i used objectivity or natural parameters to judge my God’s faithfulness. How wrong was I and all i need was a response from someone i least expected to boast my faith in God. I heard God through his comment and i confessed to Him for not trusting Him in all aspects of my life. God knows I love Him, yet i need to grow more in my love walk and yes I am ready and willing to grow

4 Lessons I learnt from this short chat

  1. we should never limit God in the eyes of the present or our physical circumstances and expectations
  2. Our faith should go beyond our mouths. It should be so rooted in our hearts that what our mouth says aligns with what our hearts believe
  3. We can not trust God will only parts of our lives. He fills all in all and so too should be His hold in our lives if we truly believe He bought us with a price no man can ever match
  4. God can speak through anybody. He in the business of life, and work and activities, lets pay attention and be ready to hear Him and take directions as He speaks

I pray this summarized experience helps your faith walk and trust in God. Mke room for growth and His voice in your life

Be Inspired. Be Blessed

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Your Focus is Your Faith

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Today’s Encouragement

No matter what you might be facing today or expecting, keep your focus on the good and your faith will grow to receive your expectation. If you focus on what is not happening or the wrong around you, you faith will continuously be weakened.

I learnt from Philemon 1: 6 that our faith because effective, alive, active, strong when we focus on the good. In the midst of that heart or hurt, choose to focus on the good and things will change faster than you imagined. I tried it and it worked for me. Your focus is your faith, so keep your focus in the right direction and your faith in God and live’s goodness will amaze you.

Be Inspired. Be Blessed

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