Your Kind Of Validation


quotes-We-need-people--We-d.jpgWe are in a beautiful world with crazy stands and expectations. This has not only limited our potentials but has much so made our lives cumbersome. We spend our time checking likes on social media to give us validation. We accept all sorts of friend request because some how is if your friend list is huge, it means you are more loved and that gives us Continue reading

Jonah Jump


quotes-We-do-not-wish-ourse.jpgLife is so interesting and some days are much fun than others. However our day or lives turn out, is our sole responsibility.Today, I want to encourage you not to indulge people too much to your own destruction. Let Jonah jump. Do not push him as a time will come when you will have to push him

Jonah disobeyed God’s instruction to go and save the people he was sent to. Some good hearted people saw him and thought oh it doesn’t hurt to work with someone that has gifts and anointing and yet is not obedient. So on their way, there is great havoc and this people are losing their property and money and all they worked hard for because they choose to help Jonah who could not take responsibility for his life.

When things got heated he asked them to throw him into the see that he was the cause of the havoc they are encountering. He is a grown , why didn’t he jump into the sea by himself? He pretended to be taking responsibility but wasn’t Do you have such people in your life who say they want more but never act it out? Be nice and helpful to people as lead. However do not neglect when its time to let them grow. Stop being responsible for people’s irresponsibility

Let them grow and you too, Grow


Thoughts can be words

I find myself thinking aloud and thoughts pacing to and fro.


In my personal opinion but ends can make the heart fonder or harder. I know right. To me it is always right to free your emotions. Even if you won’t appreciate me for what I said, I will be happy I spoke from my heart.

I know the power in words, I prefer to speak. Let me know what you think . It is the reason we are here

7 Top Prayer Areas


Prayer is not an option but a necessity. Truth be told it is not always easy to pray and more so find the right prayer areas to cover be it for yourself or for people. Whether you are praying for yourself or others, your prayers will fall in one of these areas;

  1.  Spiritual life
  2. Business Affairs
  3. Financial life (Finances)
  4. Family Affairs- Relatives both close and far
  5. Marital Life
  6. Emotional / Relationship
  7. Career Life

These are not in any other. The important thing is for you to let the Holy Spirit guide you as we all have a prayer infirmity and He is a superb help. Let me know what areas you station your prayer conversations with God in.

Prayer: Father I receive grace to pray for others and also for myself. Thank you in Jesus name

Oh My People


On my own

Snuggled under lives deceit

Bent under cultural expectations

Undecided and deceived

Tarmacking in turmoil

Oh that my people will humble themselves

Oh that my people will turn from their wicked ways

Oh that my people will seek my face to end their miseries

With HIM now

Victory and triumph evident

Boldness  with virtues

Firmly rooted above deceit

Direction that gives live meaning

Oh what joy to be humble under His mighty hands

Oh what joy to walk in victory over the wicked

Oh what to be free miseries

God is sufficient

God is enough

God is able





We don’t a spare life or breath so we need to make the most of our lives today. Here are a few ways to make the most of our lives

  1.  Never think you are too young to step into destiny or to begin living out your purpose/ impacting lives. Every passing day adds to your age
  2. Mind your own business diligently. You cant be a player and a spectator at the same time. Do all you can to know your purpose from God and pursue it diligently
  3. Take responsibility for your life and stop the blame game and people dependency. God is ever reliable and dependable and He is all you need. Take responsibility to know Him better. We never grow and learn if we spend our lives blaming people for our short comings or limitations.
  4. Be tough on yourself today so that tomorrow will not be tough on you. This means that you should discipline yourself in line with your activities, friends and work. Learn to prioritize things in your life. Anything/ anyone not adding positively to your destiny is unnecessary in your life.

How do you make the most of your life daily?


Things & Needs


Hand downs or handouts

He wants hands down but really needs Him

He is used to receiving things but really need to receive Him

To receive Him, the give of things

Once he received His manifestation, begging stopped

    extract (Acts3:3-7). Most times we want things and pray for thing when all we need is Jesus and to serve Him and all else will fall in place