Life, they say is what you make it but you must make life out of something; out of the ideas .This is mine. So guys these are certain things expected and I know you need to know (loud thoughts). It will be of no good to fake up realities. The best you can do for yourself is to accept life with its realities to make things easier.

A guy who doesn’t fear you (g); this doesn’t mean to be scared but respects, lol shivers around you, cannot truly love you.

A guy’s worth is not in his appearance but in his content which proves it’s self in caring, understanding and good attributes.

A guy who doesn’t fear God can hardly be true because men who fear (reverence) God don’t do certain ills.

A guy who doesn’t know that he has to give to his woman without her asking; it doesn’t mean she is money minded, hasn’t proved his worth.

A guy who cannot pin point a woman’s soft spot is fighting a loss battle.

A guy who doesn’t have the virtues of honesty and patience proves he is out for games.

A guy who doesn’t contribute to your priorities disqualifies himself for a relationship.

A guy who ask for sex from a girl (before marriage) depicts weakness and as such is not worthy of her because he doesn’t know her worth and he has shown how emotionally immature he is.

A guy who doesn’t respects a girls sense of belonging proves he is out for an adventure because it is all about sharing a sense of belonging

A guy who doesn’t understand that feelings are meant to be respected disqualifies himself from the race because disrespect of ones feelings is quite frustrating.

A guy who cannot explain certain ideas or happenings to his gal isn’t just true because reasons tie every action. The gravity of the situation doesn’t really count but its explanation matters.

A guy who doesn’t know how to pamper or control a gal when she is hurting cannot make it in the struggle.

Girls, most goes too to you.

There is more to life

Than faking of reality

The best you can do is accept its realities

God bless you


Offensive True Friends


Friendships are a persons life wire if i am permitted to say so. The desire to have true friends is real. In a world of people acting as friends just for their own benefits and people taking advantage of one another in the name of friendship, we need to clarify what a true friend is and much more how to identify them

A true is not someone that only loves and cares when they need you. A true friend is not someone that is honest to you because they want to buy time to pave their way into your life and exploit you emotionally, financially, materially and the list is endless

Here are a few thing to note on who true friends are and how they react

  1. They forgive one another no matter how it hurts. Mind you do not be stupid enough to identify convenience for friendship
  2. They work at bearing  one another weaknesses. Mind you if someone chooses to remain is perpetual error, that is not a weakness. It is taking advantage of your kindness
  3. They venture to be offensive. Sometimes our true friends offend us though not intentionally. It is just a sweet way of taking us out of our comfort zone. Their motives are genuine and not sneaky

How do your true friends react, how do you define them?

Don’t Choke On It

We all get the rough patches in life and too we walk in the blissful ones. So why beat yourself so bad for the wrong decisions you made. I am a strong believer in love and the many things that I love and believe in (food, cloths, music). I know it hurts when you believe in something/ someone and it lets you down. You often feel like you didn’t just make a mistake but you are a mistake.

You stay down choking on your mistakes. You have to forgive yourself. I have had my share of mistakes and honesty there was nothing to write home about. Knowledge dropped that my hurt will heal when I first forgive myself and know that I am human; I make mistakes but I can be better and work towards perfection. Continue reading

We Can Be Again


We went from being friends to bring foes

we went from talking always to not talking at all

We went from holding hands to holding grudges

We went from laughing together to lying about ourselves

We went from celebrating to being envious

How did we get  here?

How did we let all these vices in?

How did we get to this traveled road?

Who let us down this path of destruction?

No one…. but us

We let  our hearts unguarded

We ignored the place of diligence

We can be better

We can be us again

Our strength is within us

We have power to do good

We can be us again

It Beats Riches

A true friend

A true friend is one who does not search for wealth, riches or company but searches for understanding, trust and care which goes to yield true happiness.A true friend is one who we adore, respect and cherish; and it must be reciprocal, against all odds.

A true friend is one who does not strive to be loved and to love in return, knowing that love is not just a matter of sharing but instead brings in you a powerful sense of understanding and belonging.

A true friend is one who does not worry about love and is not judgmental, because love is the knowledge but honors its coming with soul, body and spirit.



Unlike fast food joints littered all over the streets, true friendship is so rare in these days were people work so hard at using others even their “friends”. The exploitative nature of many is growing at work places, offices, ministries, businesses, family unions… sometimes it is not strange to wonder if there is some friendship virtue left out there. Well there is.

Continue reading



Growing up, I’m thankful I am alive.

It was a large family and so hard to get attention

I could not tell if I belonged or I was loved

I really had no definition for love

The smiles and the laughs and the fun stories and came but hard to know if genuine

Schooling in a boarding new land, made the difference

I had sense a GREATER POWER. I knew there was more to it but I don’t know how or why

New friends cycled in. Minds began sharing and that I heard the call

Spiritual emphasis week was its name

That was how my change began, a glorious one

I met HIM. Still wondering, going my own way, doing my own things

His love kept bringing me back. I am here to stay by GRACE

Now I can DEFINE LOVE because I met its originator

I no longer wonder attention, I have UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

His love is ever flowing

His love is ever standing

His love never runs dry, it keeps flowing and reaching

Reach out to his love. Life is not perfect but God will never hurt you