A Judgmental Spirit


God have mercy. I’m happy my heart is still receptive to His Word.

I love to charge my spirit while at work. i do this by listening to gospel music on YouTube or preaching ( it’s allowed in my office so long as it doesn’t interfere with your work). So I put in the earplugs and get on with my duty and task for the day. I see this message on conversations with God and wow, what a beautiful powerful message.

It was actually in a series. As one finished, the next started and the preacher this time around is sitting on the altar with legs crossed. Fine skin tone ( i’m kind of from a conservative society but i’m open minded to an extend) . As she began preaching… in my heart i began to say why will she dress the way she is dressed and more so with crossed leg where she sat on the altar. Before my thought could land, she said we are two preaching and not one and we will welcome the second preacher in 5 weeks. I was immediately convicted of how judgmental i was getting and i immediately repented. She was actually pregnant and preached a powerful message

The point i’m making today is let our hearts be alive. We are free to think but as soon as we find ourselves getting of chart, let’s be quick to repent. Also let’s not be quick to judge and let’s always make sure our focus is on the right place. let’s examine from a place of learning to be better not to condemn.

Have a blessed day

The Best Insurance

I’m Insured In Him

Joseyphina's World

As unpredictable as the weather are the events in our lives;
A cloudless sky today, a raging storm tomorrow;
Sense of stability followed by an overwhelming despair of loss;
From being a self-sufficient house-owner to that of a struggling tenant;
From being filthy rich to being miserably poor;
Being hired one day, then fired the next;
From being healthy to being terminally ill;

Shocking how one can turn from being fully parented to being orphaned in a twinkle of an eye;
Or to become childless in an instant; the examples are endless;
The ups and downs of life are what make life as uncertain as we fear;
No one is immune to the surprises life’s circumstances spring up on us;
These are nothing but tests to rob us of our joy;
Because when your source of joy is stolen;
Your direction depends on wherever the wind blows you;
Like a…

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Mouth Word Challenge

We are in a generation where we have the best help available as believers/ Christians; the Holy Spirit that helps us and more beautifully so, He lives in us yet we fail and keep faulting.

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭119:11‬ ‭KJV‬‬

As I was meditating today I came to realize by this verse that the challenge today is that we most often have the word only in our mouths. We are quick at quoting scriptures most even to proof that we are believers and also to show that we know the word but that’s not what makes us have victory. I’m guilty of quoting scriptures that my heart has not fully accepted it’s truth nor is it settled in my heart. We can not win this way. Even the devil has the word in his mouth

The word that has and is settled and hidden in our hearts is the word that will cause us to win. We should learn from David and hide the word in our hearts. Get it grounded in our system and use it to ward off all arrows of the enemy. Today receive grace to move from the word in your mouth only; let it swell from your heart into your mouth. It’s fiery this way and even the devil knows this