Good stuff is cooking

Cooking not frying

Cooking takes some time so don’t be in a rush

Let the process bring out the best to satisfy your appetite.

We often go through life trying to rain certain vital processes and even rush God but the truth is even if we think we have rushed the process, we can’t rush God and He holds all in all.

He sits enthroned as King forever and still rules in the affairs of men. Like David, we have to know that accepting that our times are in His hands is our best outcome.

Be patient and let the good stuffs He is cooking for you get ready to be served

Short Fiction: A Single Christian Lady’s Tale

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She is a worshipper and yes, she loves to worship. Lifting holy hands is not just another routine but a way of life.  Staying focused on God yet not missing the tall, hunky handsome worshiper also in the congregation. Oh how she wishes

It’s not like she is distracted but then we watch and we pray. It’s not like she is searching but she wishes he can find her. It’s not like she is desperate but a sister is allowed to throw an innocent smile to a fine brother that is in church

She wished he could just ask her to be his woman. This is not to stay that because he is in church and lifting holy hands that makes him perfect but how will she know if he doesn’t ask her out and she accepts and gets to know him

He finally did notice her. Yes, she says isn’t God just awesome in his ways. She didn’t know she was a walking into principalities nest. Well she will know with time. They got talking and hanging out and then she noticed he was all cover no content.

We often miss out on purpose with people in church because we tend to assume that because they are in church that automatically makes them save and right for us. Well that is a lie. Not every man in church is a husband. Man (male & female). The only way not to miss out on purpose is to pray and let the Holy Spirit guide you

(SHORT STORY: Fiction)

He Gave Us Power- Faith Tabernacle Choir Ministration

V1: All power and authority

was revealed through Christ the Son

That those (we) who believe in Him

Will show forth His very light

Exercising dominion

Silencing the evil one

Reigning victorious

A proof for all to see

Chorus: He gave us power (2x)

To subdue the (my) enemy (enemies)

He gave us power 

To reign with Him as kings and priest (2x)

V2: Lord I do believe in You

To subdue my enemy

That when i call on You

You'll avenge me speedily

Raining( Setting) confusion

In the camp of the wicked one (enemy)

Reigning victorious

A proof for all to see (2x)

(back to chorus)

Bridge: We've been made more than conquerors

Over-comers in this life

We've been victorious

Through the blood of Jesus Christ (4x)

(back to chorus)



Paths Purpose Pursuits

He woke up with thoughts of her

She woke up with thoughts on God

Trying to be all she wants

Walking and seeking to be the best He called her out to be

Where then is their meeting point

Sync of purpose or pursuits

They trade new paths

Different priorities keep them apart

It goes beyond feeling

The future strives on our focus

If we could just both Focus on Him

Then we will know if our paths crossed for life or a time

Our paths are in the Word

Our direction is in the Word

We are what His Word says we are

We are what we think

Christians; You Make Me Sick

I’m sick to my stomach. Yes.

Christ is not divided yet we spend our time diving Him and arguing His teachings not for the purpose of learning but to prove that you are more right and they are more wrong.

What is this stupid religious fight we promote among ourselves?

It’s only among Christians that you hear that this man is a fake prophet and that one is true

This one only preaches prosperity and that one only preaches holiness

That one dresses with too much swag and the one keeps it too simple

That ministry is flourishing more than the other….

It’s so sad. I don’t see Muslims, Hindus or Buddhist do this. We by ourselves make the cross of Christ weak and His blood vain.

I pray we gain wisdom. I wish we pray more rather than spend the time to make ourselves look stupid along with the other stupid wrong things which we say and do and argue about.

It’s funny how we blame every other Christian else but ourselves. You don’t work on the wrongs you do behind close doors but want to stand tall and quote others wrong in the public. Own your own demons and cast them out. You have authority.

Preach your own message and own it. Focusing on critiquing the messages of others, how does that add to you

– we are the same ones who can’t present our bodies and minds as a living sacrifice

– we spend time putting a God tag on our social media lives but in real life it’s had to see God in us or through us

I could go on but I choose to take a pause here.

Let Christ be truly born in us

I think many of us need to really give our lives to Christ for real. Not out of compulsion or to save face but for real. If Christ is truly born in you, you will pray and you don’t criticize what or who you pray for . It makes your prayer null.

If we truly have Christ in us, the things we say and do and wear will be guided by the Holy Spirit and it will bring God glory

Ask yourself if the nonsense you have been doing, saying, propagating…how does it glory God

Dear fellow Christians…let’s grow up

Beyond You And Me

All I did was be there for you. All you did was try to use me

All I did was try to be the best help I could. All you did was try to make me look bad

All I did was be myself. All you did was try to be me

All I did was work at loving God more. All you did was act you love Him

All I did was be me. All you did was pretend

How did that help you

How did it help us

It did

I learnt my lessons

I guess you learnt yours too

In all , God remains God and our only judge

May we be all He wants us to be

May we be our best selves

May we love Him genuinely

Truth will always out

May our truth liberate others not enslave them