3 B


Hello everyone, Today i want to share with you the 3 B’s in everyone’s life. This is how i make use of mine


  1. Believe: Everyone has a believe system. It might be in someone or something or in things or concept. Whatever you believe, determines how you handle life and how life turns out for you. I believe in God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all there are therein. I believe that God loves me so much that He sent His only soon to come and die for me. So I believe in Jesus Christ who is the way , the Truth and The Life and without him in my life, I am nothing. I also believe in the Holy Spirit my every present help. I believe the only how to get to heaven is by Jesus Christ. Looking forward to Easter, I am more than ever reminded that my believe wrought so much for me and i need to set my self up to partake of all redemption bought for me. What are your believes?
  2.  Beauty: The world is a beautiful place and as individuals we are beautiful not because of what we have or how we look or by the colour of our skin but because of whose we are. he that gives beauty for ashes. You are not beautiful because of the standard of the world. I am not beautiful based on anyone’s standard but on that of my creator so love the skin and body you came in with and yes always be ready to make healthy improvements as needed not from a place of insecurity or to meet up with a media notion or his/her template for you. I know my body is His temple so no matter how beautiful i might be, feel or look, the ultimate goal for our beauty is to give God glory
  3. Brains: We are all intelligent. We might not all be at the same level or have that wow IQ but that is not to say you are not intelligent or your level cancels mine, no. It just keeps us in our lane. I am intelligent because i can do things through Christ that strengthens me. However i prefer to be smart. Life in this age calls for smart working not just working hard. In as much as i want to be smart i choose to follow His path in gaining wisdom which is the principal thing. Wisdom can take you where intelligence won’t. Wisdom is the principal thing. Go for wisdom. It works every day and time

What do you think of my life B’s?


Casting down for the world

Its a lifting for us

Poverty ravaging the world

Our riches are sure

Depression for the world

Progression for the church

Dryness everywhere for the world

We are as trees planted by the river side- flourishing

We are living in the covenant

Because we have set our love on God

We shall not be moved by the terrors of the world

(Lyrical extract: Intentional by Youth Alive Choir Canaanland, ota)

Take cover in God

You Are Not Forgotten


Helping people can be a tricky bet especially if you hope that they will some day return the favor and you keep waiting but that day never seems to come. Imagine helping someone and in 3 days all gets sorted for them and it takes them 2 years to remember you. Good God! Well as the bible says there is nothing new under the sun so its not a strange phase you are going through, Joseph can smoothly advice you on how to handle this as he experienced it in a strange time in his life.

He was forgotten after using his gift to render service. Strange right? Yes because the bible says a mans gift will make room for him , how come this was not the case?Could it be because Joseph relied on a man to remember him? Or was it just that the heart of man is desperately wicked? It could be both as men have a tendency to make promises when they need your help or after you have help them and again the bible says curse is he that put his trust in man. Joseph interpreted a dream in prison for a man that was desperate. The man gets promoted as by the interpretation of the dream which came to pass in 3 days and this man walks free from the prison and forget Joseph for a space of 2 years until when another massive need arose and he is needed. what a funny world?

After 2 years, God caused Joseph’s gift to be remembered and he ascended the throne and the man that forgot him was now a subordinate of his. I know you might have read this story or heard of it , however by it I just want to encourage you to hold on. That gift won’t die. God will make room for it. You will not be forgotten for the good you have done for people and keep doing. God is a master record keeper and he will never forget your labor of love. He is a rewarder and your reward will not pass you by

Do not give up. I know it is frustrating to help people and they just can’t come through for you. Do good but do not expect the person you are doing good to, to remember you, God sees it all and He will cause you to be remembered.

My advice for you today is know that : VAIN IS THE HELP OF MAN” No man can help you. Only God can. Single your eye on Him and let him lead you

When The Wrong One Loves You Right


Love is interesting. We are always happy to fall in love but sad when love turns sour or we fall out of love. Now this has nothing to do with love itself but the individuals in love. Often we blame love; this is so wrong. Love is never to be blamed. Love is just love. It stands tall everyday.

Walking through loves path is always a delight. Walking away is not so a delight yet people will come up with a dry consolation that meeting a few wrong people just prepares you for the right one. To say i agree not so sure. All i know is once we get so use to wrong love, your relationship with right love will be twisted and might need way more work than usual for it to work.

The wrong one can not love you right. They can do the right things to you but then what is they point if they are not yours or want you as their or are meant for you. I know One that loves you just right and He and i have been having a great time. I love how He loves me

He can’t and will never break your heart. He will never walk away from you even if you walk away from him. His love is ever searching or seeking to bring the best in you. His love knows no bounds or wrongs. His love is eternal and everlasting. He’s name is Jesus Christ. Let him love you. Ask him to reveal is love to you and once you become aware of His love, your life will never be the same. All you need is the right one to love you right. Jesus loves you beyond your imagination. Lean into his love. Let him love and protect you till you meet the right one he has for you. Stop letting that boyfriend, girlfriend or friend with benefits exploit and make rubbish of your destiny

Thank you for reading. Stay blessed

God Bless The Woman!

Woman, Thou Art Blessed

Joseyphina's World

God bless the woman
For using her body to create new lives;
God bless the woman
For caring for the new-born like a precious jewel;
Keeping, maintaining and polishing it daily;
So it does not rust or lose its shine;

What would the world be like without the gift of the woman?
With no one to give man a sense of purpose
Or to grace the earth with her dazzling smile or her captivating presence;
Which makes the flowers bud and blossom with excitement as she passes by;

The world has seen woes that she wishes never to call back to memory;
But she has been able to survive them all because God bless the woman!
Her hope for change and the healing of the nations never wavers;
The world stands because she lives.

God bless the woman;
For never failing to portray the never-ending love that God has for…

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God Fearing Men Love Strong Women

Men have two choices: find female strength captivatingly attractive, or be insecure and intimidated


I have heard it too many times:

A man likes a quiet woman. Guys don’t respond well to smart girls. Educated women are too intimidating to attract good men.

I understand why we believe these things. It’s a nice story. It makes sense of the success of some women to find husbands, and the failure of others. As Christians (and as humans),we feel very clever when we get to diagnose the cause and cure of singleness. “You’re too opinionated.You’re too boisterous. A woman should be small, quiet, and delicate.”

Yet, it’s easy to forget in the midst of all our diagnosing: whether a woman is intimidating is a factor of male perception, not female personality. Do we want women to be less intimidating? That’s a question to be put to men who experience them as such, and we can only wait for such men to grow. The real question we…

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