Self confidence is the Best Outfit ,Rock It and Own It – Jeremy Mcgilvrey

This is how to Rock

Jeremy McGilvrey

Here’s 12 suggestions to boost your confidence: –

1. Remember the good times

2. Dress for success

3. Stand tall

4. Look others in the eyes

5. Let other people do the talking

6. Smile

7. Be okay with failure

8. Get around positive/uplifting people

9. Become a lifelong student

10. Exercise

11. Reward yourself

12. Give thanks


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3 Most Unsexy Character Traits


Life gives us opportunities to learn and grow and change and continue to change till we become the best we are designed to be. I have come to identify these 3 character traits that just makes people; no matter how beautiful or handsome they may look physically, to look so ugly and unsexy.I had being a guilty of some and still strive to be better

  1. Being Rude: Impolite, cheeky, not courteous
  2. Proud/Arrogant: Having or revealing an exaggerated/ excessively high sense of one’s own importance or abilities.
  3. Lying/ Lies

Try being courteous and see how amazing your life will turn out

Try being humble and you will be surprised at the lifting you will experience

Try speaking the truth in love and you will be amazed at the lives you will impact and smiles you will put on people’s faces

What other characters traits are unsexy to you?


A, B C Of Blogging

Good morning:

For newbie bloggers, here is my ABC to make blogging easy for you

ABOUT Page: about.PNG

Develop a great about page ( mine though need some work). This is lets people know who you are and what your blog will be about. In my opinion, make it short and interesting and a picture will help make it more catchy. I will avoid the age thing in this Continue reading

Morning Dew

My Heart is open to receive from you

My heart is open to receive from you

Come on and breath on me

Come on and change my life

Please wash me of every dirt

Please cleanse me of every sin

My eyes are open

My hands are lifted

I need a touch from you

Father I need a touch from you

My heart is open to receive from you

What Is The Christian Thing To Do?


They insulted and disrespected you because they are older. Is respect based on age? What is the Christian thing to do?

They are openly biased and show partiality and you can see and feel it. Everything thing tells you to do something. What is the Christian thing to do?

They play with your heart even though ‘born again” and even with your body and you are aware that you are not the only victim. You see new preys of theirs around. What is the Christian thing to do?

You work and very diligently yet they take you for a ride and even under pay you. What is the Christian thing to do?

They push you to the wall and drag you to the edge and yet hope that you pass the other cheek. The truth is there are no more cheeks to turn. What is the Christian thing to do?

You are true and nice and open your hands and heart and yet all they do is take information from you to heart you. What is the Christian thing to do?

They exploit and take advantage of your niceness and then turn around to paint you black with plastic front smiles and backstabbing stories. What is the Christian thing to do?

Like McReynolds says” help me maintain

Life will posse situations and challenges to us that if we do not manage well we might lose our very selves. Choice is our exit. Prayer is the way out. What is do is pray for God to help me maintain