Filtered Words


Life is full of words

Said to improve or depress

If we take all words said into our hearts

Then we can only blame ourselves for heart aches

If every word moves us

Then we will be beneath depths

If words said do not align to His good for us

We are permitted to filter them

Words have power

Filter words

Guard your heart

The issues of life lies therein

Take in the good only

Filter words…… your making is in them

Who Can Stand


I am one of those who love soul inspired gospel music birth from a place of worship. It is not every song with God or Jesus that makes it gospel and to me especially. I came across one of such power pact songs and it daily blesses me. God bless you Todd Dulaney for letting God use you on this piece. Enjoy this piece as God shift places for you

Who can stand against the Lord.
No one can, No one will.
Who can stand against the king.

No one can, No one will.

ohhh, ohhh,
Victory Belongs To Jesus
Victory belongs to Him.

We put our trust in you.
We put our hope in you.

You will deliver, you’re a provider
I find my victory in you.
Forever victorious, forever we win.
I find my victory in you.

Victory Belongs To Jesus
Victory belongs to Him.

ohhh, ohhh,
Victory Belongs To Jesus
Victory belongs to Him.

Joseyphina, enjoy  and share with all Crazy Christians lol


Trying Faith?

We try on clothes not Faith. It is SURETY

Living Royalty


True faith isn’t TRYING to believe and act on God’s Word.  TRYING includes doubt that something will work.  We TRY on clothes at a clothing store because we’re uncertain that they will fit.  We TRY a new hairdresser to give them chance to prove themselves.  We TRY a new recipe, unsure that it will taste good.  FAITH, however, is CONFIDENT that what God says He will do!  No doubt or uncertainty is involved because we know the nature of God is faithful, and all His promises are a resounding “yes and amen”!

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Why You Should Love Him More


Why we spend our time seeking love

He seeks us out to love us

He is not one to cheat

He is not one to be unfaithful

He is not one to use and expliot us

He is consistent and ever dependable

Rather than invest so much in loving people who a liable to let us down

We should seek to know Him and let Him love us right

And led us onto people He was trained in His kind of love

Israel (insert your name ), out looking for a place to rest,
    met God out looking for them!”
God told them, “I’ve never quit loving you and never will.(Jer 31:3)


Wrongly Sure

Oh how I love the gift of life, how I appreciate being among the living, pain free not excluding of emotional pain

Have you ever been so sure of something that nothing could make you think otherwise, even the pounding heart beats and the loud screams of your inner voice or subtly whisper of that Still voice.

Putting all the dots to assure you that you are right and then you wake up to know that you were so wrongly sure? I have been there, opening your heart to love and believing all he says and trying to use “church” to justify it and oops it comes clear and I just can’t get mad because I ignored the warning and played justification. Not on instincts but on knowing.

Him alone knows all, like David, do the “inquiry thing” even about all so that like me you don’t get wrongly sure and dream false. I’m now doing the inquiry 🙂