Stop Working


It’s irritating, yes so bad

Why do keep doing it?

Why do keep working out people and things that will not work you out?

You can’t eat

You can’t sleep

You can’t even pray; you really need help

Stop please stop

Don’t blame anyone but you

If it won’t work you out, then free yourself

Get working on what works you out

2 can’t work unless be agreed

Agree on things that agree with you

Wisdom is profitable to direct

Smart working above hard work

Hunting thoughts

Beautiful lost memories

You are in charge of your life; no one else

Valued image

Right reading

Careful meditation

All is within you not without



It’s all shaking

Earthquakes and heartbreaks

Curvy turns and uncertain bends

Screams and shouts

Storms and sand, I’m not quite sure

In all I found it

Walking like I’m flying

Above the storms, I’m still

Perfected walk,

Like a river it flows

Your heart setting equals you shake or break

My heart is set on Him

Perfect peace like a river I received ( Isaiah 26:3)

Your Dreams Are Safe


It took me a while but so you know I appreciate you all; MY TRUE FRIENDS

A true friend never changes (even in the ranging storm) and we never feel strange.

A true friend is a rare precious blend of rapport, understanding and trust. They know our tears and our joy through the years and they are one with whom our plans are discussed.

A true friend is one who never discloses the dreams we entrust in their guidance (keeping). They are always gutsy.

Grow Invitation (3:1)


A true friend is one who helps us to keep going when you feel like giving up because there is no reason any more to push.

A true friend is one who knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts who you have become but still gently invites you to grow.

A true friend is one you can share everything (positive) with even the fear of public eyes and such friends are forever, this so because  true friends are meant to be together even for eternity. They are beautiful but rare. Keep the ones you’ve got.

I am not sure but He

Jesus for life

I am not sure if it will rain/ shine

I am not sure if tomorrow will be better than today but He promised so

I am not sure if all will get married but He created them male and female and said none will like their mate

I am not sure if there is perfect happiness being but He say it is honourable

I am not sure if I am carrying too much load on me or just enough but He says cast on all me for I care

I am not sure if my family and friends and you will always be there for me but He says I will never leave you not to even talk of forsaking you.

I am not sure if I can be able to walk talk and talk strong even my mistakes in the past but He says I am the Lifter of you head and will place you on the mountain top.

There is so much I am not sure but thank goodness I know someone who knows my end from my beginning. I have chosen to let Him but my knowing.

We keep on and on about things we are not sure us, but to be sure is to first have Him (Jesus Christ) and then Trust Him with the life He bought for you