Stop!!! Please Stop

Stop giving it colours

Stop giving it sizes

Stop grading it. This makes me sick

A lie is a lie no matter how much you try to fine tune it, it remains a lie.

This I learnt that, the worst of all deceit is that in yourself. Oh you think that it was deceit to others? No way. You lies only make you little and cheap and make you a fool to you. It’s freeing to be to true to you. Continue reading

The Worst Thing To Live With

The worst thing to live without is hope and still the worst thing to live with is FEAR.

Are you hiding behind ignorance or fear is what has you?

Like a drum at night
beating hard mimicking thunder
with rythm and less might
but the echo chops the distance
reaching each huts entrance Continue reading

The “Faithful Cry”

Faithfulness is being constant i suppose

inspired Grisele

It takes ma aback how all i hear is how unfaithful that person, persons are , that teacher, that colleague, that community, that nation, that race. Please we need to get to the side were we get real. In all unfaithfulness, there is so much faithfulness in our lives and that of the people around our world.!!!!!! Yes it is sickening. Can we try to cry” oh how faithful they have been with the little things in their lives and even ours? Cant we just cry out God’s faithfulness. His faithfulness reaches the clouds. Mai it has been real in my life, so please cry His faithfulness and see how better life becomes.

Life has its dark and cheerful side but true happiness comes from that which we choose to focus on.Much love. Get real

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