It’s not a faith declaration

Ayansola Ibukun

I Can Do All Things!

Nothing sounds more absolute and emphatic than this statement. It’s so intoxicating! Makes me feel I can get to the tip of Mount Everest in 30 seconds.

The writer categorically says “I can do all things”; the operative word being ALL. Meanwhile, the last time I checked my dictionary, the word all suggests entireness, non-exclusivity, leaving no room for exceptions, everything and anything… So literally, to say ‘I can do all things’ suggests that there is nothing I can’t do, especially when Christ is in the mix.

To be candid, this particular scripture is not only one of the most invoked in Christendom today but also one whose application has been most abused. It’s a common faith confession for/in all manner of circumstances. Indeed, it wouldn’t be surprising when you see many believing folk use the golden scripture as pretext for laziness…

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The world has standards more so the Word

The lens through which you look through determines how your life turned out.

Your intentionality on what your focus on will determine what direction your life will take. The world has a way of pushing things to us. Enticing us daily form home to social media. However the Word of God is not so enticing as we often see it as just holding one old, colorless book and just read through. Intentionality is a must in this generation if we must make our marks on the earth.

The lens which you look through daily will determine your outcome. Isolation will help us as believers make the most of the lives and destinies God has put on our part to impact positively.

Make an effort daily amidst all the distractions to lens through the Word and not the World for an impactful like

Have a blessed day and remain purposeful

Make Jesus Famous Lyrics – Folabi Nuel

folabi 11
(I’m truly inspired by this song, so deep and rich, be blessed)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
I wanna make You famous
I wanna make You famous

I wanna make You famous……..

V1. (see)I wanna make Jesus famous
Not cuz of Ferrari’s or Raymond)
I wanna be use by You
As long as You want to me..
Yes You……..
See..Nothing else matters in Mayhem
Cuz He that is Greater is I AM
(see)I wanna pour my love
I wanna show forth love on Him ( on Him) (2x)
Cuz YOU are my strength
When I am weak
YOU gave me hope
when things go wrong….
I can depend on YOU
Cuz i know , that You’ll never never leave me
V2: I wanna make Jesus Famous
Show HIM in the truth of His Freedom
I wanna be used by You
See..Nothing else matters or mayhem
Cuz He that is Greater is I AM
(see)I wanna pour my love
I wanna show forth love on Him ( on Him) (2X)
(Back to Chorus 2X)
So i,m singing
nah nah nah nah
Giving it back to Youuuuuuuuu (5X)
OOOOOOOOH Yeahhhhhhhhh
You are everything
Everything is You
You’re all I want  (8x)
I wanna make You famous
i wanna make You famoussssss

Take Responsibility Endlessly

“For it is written in the book of Psalms, Let his habitation be desolate, and let no man dwell therein: and his bishoprick let another take.”

– Acts 1:20

Judas was destined to be a bishop but we never became. God has destined us for greatness but we must take responsibility for it to happen. Staying focus on the Word and work out our salvation daily.

Vs 25. Transgressions can make us fall out of destiny if prompt repentance not initiated