You speak, I hear

You scream, I’m deafen

You yell, I’m turned to space robot

I pout, you grin

I frown, the message is twisted


Power to mend

Power to build

Power to break

Power to destroy


Choose them right

Say them calm

Choose them fine

Bring understanding

The right word

Justifies the odds

31 to be Exact!.

Beautiful we are, Impact we were created for. 31 Exact we are

Atim's thoughts

Hello readers,
I hope the weekend is going on well for everyone.
For those moments when you feel you are losing grip of your life’s vision, purpose, goals or just when you are in that place where you are in doubt about who you really are spiritually, here is an extremely awesome spoken word piece by the one and only Jeanette Ikz (my personal favourite, she is such a blessing to very many people).
It is based on the Proverbs 31 woman. Enjoy it!.

31 to be Exact.


And God said
It was not good for man to be alone so he created you.
But somewhere along the line someone changed your perspective, shifted your view.
Like Eve, you listened to the wrong voice, and took a huge tasty bite of deception
Now your stomach’s upset coz your spirit won’t digest it.
Nolonger the woman that walks in the confidence…

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Faithful Guide


“If I was a rainbow

I will show my colors for you

If I was a song bird

I will sing my song for you

If you take the sun and the moon

And take away the stars at night

Your FAITHFULNESS, will always be my GUIDE”.

Just thinking on His Faithfulness and Love and Mercy and GRACE and Favor

Selah! Selah!

What would you do to relate to His Goodness and Mercy towards you, your family, life and all

Happy Sunday, Much Love

These walls

You can count on these walls


photocredit:www.hotdog.hu photocredit:www.hotdog.hu

“Only these walls understand me.” She wrote.

They were there when I cried myself to sleep,

And awoke with a smile like I was fine,

When I wasn’t.

These cold, white walls stood beside me when I craved for your shoulders to cry on,

And settle for my pillows,

Because you weren’t there.

Even when I threw the innocent lamp against them,

Because all I wanted was to scream at you to see me,

See I wasn’t fine,

They stood.

They had no choice,

At least they were there.

They know my secrets,

They have seen the scars shirt sleeves cannot conceal,

And were there for support.

These walls,

These walls.

“Only these walls understand me.” she wrote.

“A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”-Proverbs 18:24

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