How to Learn To Love Yourself

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Growing up, I wanted to be some many things others were that i was not. I wanted to have big butts, hairy skin because then I thought it was sexy as most people who had hairy skin seemed to be getting more attention from people. I wanted to have ample hips (lol). I know right, it sounds cheesy but that was my honest reality because i thought there was some default to my creation… do not get me wrong i knew i was beautiful . i just felt having all these additionals will make me more beautiful. I wasn’t aware that my mind can be manipulated to think otherwise like creation cheated me.

I believe so many persons in today’s age find themselves in this inadequacy trend that the media and others are placing on us or better still we are taking on. We are only as effective as our acceptance of people’s definition or our definition of ourselves. Learning to love yourself is among the greatest victory you will step into in your life time.


Here came my total liberty. But who are you, O man, to answer back to God? Will what is molded say to its molder, “Why have you made me like this?” (Rom9:20). If we wonder at creation which took the creator no time to put together in it’s perfect state i.e the fishes in the water bodies, the birds in the sky, human kind on earth.. He is too purposeful to make you unfit for your purpose. You look the way you are not because He fell short in your make-up but it was perfectly designed to fit your destiny. So to love yourself, know that,

  1. God doesn’t make mistakes you are just the way you are as you fit into His purpose for you. So before feeling inadequate ask why you were made the way you are and pursue it; appreciating others yet staying true to the amazing you
  2. Love yourself more because you are a master piece (Ps 16:9-10, Ps 139:13-16, 1Peter 2:9)
  3. Build relationships with people that bring out your worth not those that devalue you because of their notion of your ” imperfections
  4. Grow to love God more daily and declare His love daily over you

You are worth loving because you are a product of love. Learn to love yourself more. How do you love yourself ?

Internal Noise Battle


I don’t know why things are the way they are for me?

It seems God is not listening to my prayers and I know it is not because I have unconfessed sins.

What can be the problem?

Have you ever been at this cross road? God always sends messages to us or answers to our prayers but the issue is that we are always too noisy within to hear what directives Continue reading


Concentrating on our path in the race is all we need do and look on to the Author on paths not on the path on others. Be blessed forever

Word For The Day

Driving into a fuel station for a refill. The car has a fuel tank capacity of about 60 liters. While the pump attendant filled the tank, a motorcyclist also rode in to

the second pump. Before I knew it, the motorcycle was full and the rider rode off while the car was still at the pump.

I got there before the motorcyclist but he left before me. It suddenly occurred to me that it would be absolutely silly of me to think “I got here before him.

How come he is leaving before me?”

Why? Our capacity is not the same.

The truth is there are times in life when we are stuck at the pump of divinity. Those who came in behind us have gone ahead of us; those who learnt from you seem to have outran you; those who graduated years after you are now the ones calling…

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This Is Why I Love Him


He teaches me

He directs me

He gently corrects me

He doesn’t force Himself on me

He comforts in this chaotic world

He inspires me to my best state

He advocates for me against destiny destroyers

He gives me joy

He gives me self-control

He gives me love that never runs out

He teaches me patience and how to endure right

He teaches how to use the every reigning currency of Faith

He helps me show kindness and be generous to people

Sweet Holy Spirit I love You

Grace to Wait and Wait Well

Patience is a rare virtue that we all MUST get. Ladies let’s not be obsessed with marriage that every “hello” becomes a proposal

Life Inspired By God

I got pregnant because I was impatient.

I felt led to share this with y’all so I hope it blesses you. 😘

Today I was listening to “The Wait” (I’ve been reading it again and I’m not keeping up in my group so I figured I would listen to the audiobook since I had purchased it like 6 months ago. I’ve had the actual book for probably a year or two.) A line that struck a cord with me today was “God does not show your heart to everybody. He only shows it to people He can trust with it.”

So then it hit me. All the relationships I had been in failed largely because those men weren’t able to see my heart and I was being impatient. They were lessons yes, and I’m beyond grateful for what I learned but they didn’t work out because they weren’t supposed to…

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For or Against Arranged Dating?


dating.jpgMany people have varied views on and against arranged married. The truth is whether arranged or not, all requires smart work to make the best of it. What about arranged dating ? or in a more 21sT Century style; hook-up?

It sounds like a cliché question yet we see this happen to us or those around us every now and then. It’s basically parents, friends or relations connecting us with a man or guy on the grounds that we get to know them on a more personal note a develop a relationship with them be it healthy and not. Do not get me wrong, God uses people but we must be guided

Arrange dating is usually done for many reasons not limited to the supposed need for love, relationship, sex, money, events partners etc

At one point in time, a lovely cousin thought my singleness was too long gone and need for me to break free from my “ limiting lifestyle” and get a boyfriend as I was neither seen with a guy or talking about one or more importantly social “mediaing” a relationship with boo. So she arranged for me to meet a buddy of hers as he too kind of like the pictures of me he had seen. Good motives she had but given that we were not on the same part of life I should not have looked into the offer because even though then I was sloppy with my Christian race I still knew that certain people “scammers, yahoo yahoo guys or con men should not be the kind I should be around, You know what they say about the company you keep.

Because my love level for God was on the low and also given the fact that I knew our meeting up will not come from my pocket I went along. It was both wasted time and worth reducing just hanging around them but I guess it was for a day as today as I encourage someone to choose better.

The point is this, it is not wrong for people to want to arrange a partner for you if that is what you prefer or want but then, who is the head of the arrangement? How do this person they are arranging fit into your life and purpose? What is their take on the things that are prime to you? We all need help in life but we have to mindful of who is making the arrangement and if it aligns with your lives purposes and if God is at the center of it. If not please walk away. Do not try to save face and destroy your life.

Advice: You can look for it and read all about it in the book of the Eternal One.
None of these creatures will be missing and none will lack a mate
Because His voice has given the order
and His Spirit has gathered them in that place.Isa34:16. God is faithful. His Spirit will gather yours to you if you stay fervent


Isaiah 61

We need to let the Holy Spirit do His work in us and for us so that destiny can be fulfilled

The Dream Lodge


The spirit of the lord is upon you because, he will………………….

Mentored you to mentor others

Shaken you to shake others

Blessed you to bless other

Changes you to change others

Charged you to take charge

Lead you to lead others

Loved you to love others

Saved you to save others

Delivered you to deliver others

Empowered you to empower others

Anoints you to anoint others

Helped you to help others

Forgives you to forgive other

Enriched you to enrich others

Transformed you to transform others

Informed you to inform other

Teaches you to teach others

Trained you to train others

The presence of the Spirit of God is not just there just for the sake of being there. He working with us, working for us and working in us to DO something.

The Spirit of God is a working anointing not a stagnating one, you have to work it…

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