no hurt

It’s true they say when you love someone for real you give them power to hurt you. It’s true. Well not really that you give them power to hurt you but then your expectations find a way to hurt you. Maybe because you are vulnerable or because that is how the cardiac muscle reacts like plastic on fire, however I got a new testimony.

I have been hurt by love and yes it felt okay because I knew I was still alive to have such intense feeling. Magic happened; no miraculously I met HIM, my whole world changed. I felt so much love. I didn’t have to worry for attention as HE knew even that tiny strand of hair on my skin; that is how much attention I get.

I didn’t have to worry about love not buying me stuffs o r making me feel loved, HIS enveloping Presence made the difference. So warm, so comforting.

I know the love that does not hurt. I have experienced it. I’m still in love yet I know no hurt ever. That Love that paid for my all before we ever had our first encounter. I am Thankful that I have you eternal love.

I’m here by you. Change by Grace. Life will never be perfect but God will never HURT ME.



Like a drum at night
beating hard mimicking thunder
with rhythm and less might
but the echo chops the distance
reaching each huts entrance
till the deaf ears of sleep drunk beings
awake startled by all means
and the drums keep on and on
till the town criers voice fades on
like a gunshot dying in the distance
which first brought fear but now is given total ignorance

Loves Limitless Age

Love from before creation

The sun no longer wears
its charms I fear.
It’s been the longest night
and the sun was out of sight.
Returning this grey morning
each rise was like a setting
and the flowers bragged no more
as they were no better than burst a sore.
I no longer swear
to the suns beauty I fear
because it’s not the sun that changes
but the sight from love rusted with age.
Calling for a second chance
to its heart at a distance
and all the yelling keep failing
as the words in the wind go a sailing,

Now I smile, seeing all the beauties

Appreciating love’s returning force

The shedding of blood

Empowers its effect

Now I stand tall, I stand strong