Interior Fit-out In My House

The first time I visited Kempinski Hotel at MOE, I was fascinated by the beautiful superior interior fittings… oh the choice of colors and upholstery. We all want beautiful things in life . Something that everyone can refer too… I wonder why we seem to think that God will want any less .That is the same how God feels about us.

“Build the Lord’s house and you will be built”

 “This is what the Lord says: These people say it’s not the right time to rebuild the house of the Lord.” When is the right time for your life to begin to reflect His Glory? When is the right time to let your light so shine? It goes beyond fine cloths and shoes. It’s a call to adorn our character(nice upholstery)

Then the Lord spoke his word through the prophet Haggai. He said, “Is it time for you to live in your paneled houses while this house lies in ruins? We are His house and He wants to bring the best out in us to show. Most often we mistaken His house for a building. We are His house, in us He lives, moves and have His being…… are you beginning to see what He is telling you…..

He says: I will make you a wonder. You will be a sign of royalty (signet ring).Once we stay close to Him, it will be impossible for us not to be noticed. If we stay in His presence it is impossible for people not to see the beauty of His house; You. He is saying again, you are a sign and a wonder and if you let me do my interior fit-out work… I will cause you to be a place to be visited, to be marvelled at, a touristic attraction… Let me work on you

(study more on Haggai 1-2) Father let the eyes of our understanding be open to your truths.

“Marriage is not for me”

Marriage is not for me

I was watching this interesting interview on “marriage is not for me” by “our “icons Shonda Rhimes and Oprah Winfrey. You know there is just something about information and especially from people we look up to, or are celebrities. Personally I think some of the most twisted ideas are from the so say icons and the truth is behind closed doors the reality of their global speeches holds on to them.

The truth is everyone is entitled to your opinion. I just do not understand how you will want your life to be everyone’s life. You can have kids with a man but a man will take up your time? How twisted is that? Well that is not the essence of this post today.

Marriage is for me (1 Cor 7:2b). Do you want to know why?

  • It is a gift from my creator (1Cor 7:7)
  • It is honourable (Heb 13:4)
  • It should not be forbidden ( 1Tim 4:3)
  • It is responsibility ( 1 Cor 7:33)
  • It is not a sin ( 1 Cor 7:28)

Do not fear what they fear or speak what they speak. Have a mind of your own and not generalities. There is a man or wan out there for you as husband or wife but still if you are not “CALLED “to be married it is still great. God does not speak English, He uses ENGLISH. To be continued ….

What We Do And Wear Plus

I have always known that God cares from the time I set my heart to know Him. But i was more trilled to know that God cares SO MUCH ABOUT WHAT WE DO.


It goes beyond what we do. It gets right down till little specifics like color and more. When messengers had to be sent to Peter as it relates to gentiles getting saved, Cornelius was told to go to a Leather workers house. You see, He is mindful of the WORKS OF OUR HANDS. Not just that it further said Brown Leather. Our God knows details we just need to lean in on Him.So you see, there is nothing wrong in wearing, making and owning good quality and fine things; leather ain’t cheap

Further He cares about where we live. God knows where you live right now. This SHOULD TAKE EVERY WORRY OFF YOU NOW. That is why it is important to seeks God’s direction in all we do even where we life.

Let me trill you the more. God said that Peter lives with his friend new the BEACH. Vacations are allowed by God even a nice time @ a BEACH RESORT. God is not a Dictator ( He is not uptight as is sometimes portrayed)

(Read Acts 10, for full insight and new rhema)


Foolling Our Ways


How dare you try to make a fool of me?

We warn, we get mad and rash with people not inline with our expectations

How many times have we made a fool of His works

How many times have we made the blood to act as losing it’s power

How often have made the Cross seem like just a curse

How many times have we spoiled His spotless apparel

How many times have we made leaving the splendor of heaven a by thing

Mercy, mercy and more mercy is what can and should keep crying

Grace , grace and more grace



Being Born Again Don’t Mean Stupid!


Now i have had it with people, friends, family, loves one etc that think that because you are born-again, a Jesus lover makes you stupid and gives them room to treat you any how and try to push nonsense attitude and things down your throat


My note to all those who take people in their lives for granted is this:

We have being called to be gentle as doves and yet wise as serpent!!!! Watch it. Being nice does not translate as being stupid, you might be looking at your water-loo soonest. We are working out our salvation with fear and trembling and if it entails adding you to the the trash, it will be done. You need to learn what it means to leave at PEACE WITH ALL MEN. Be warned a word is always sufficient even to the unwise.

Keep yourself in check.

Trump News


A while back me and my girl at work were talking on the elections and i was like do not be surprised if Trump wins she asked why and i replied” the world is so serious and tense that people need someone whose  craziness can cause them to laugh and lolololollo

Nothing is really impossible

Thinking Our Actions Through



We need to think our actions through even by a muttering prayer no matter how goodly and innocent it may seem.

Hezekiah showed his house to well wishers after his recovery and what came after was a captivity note.( 2 Kings 20:13-18).

It is wisdom to be secretive sometimes. Do you agree?