I Nominate You


I am humbled by you Heidi Jones. Thank you

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–  Nominate ten (10) bloggers you admire and inform them of the nomination.

I do not just love reading but i love to read what in spires me so i nominate you for how inspiring you have been to me and how by how i can describe you in one word

1. https://heidijoneschronicillness.wordpress.com

2. https://virgobeauty.wordpress.com/

3. https://decodinghappiness.wordpress.com

4. https://straightplains.wordpress.com

5. https://klregister.wordpress.com




9. https://predestinedpurpose.wordpress.com

10. https://priyajivrajani.wordpress.com

Just to inspire you more

God at work

Every Family


A heart that makes sense is a heart that loves people

No reservation to status, age, class or race.

Family is like the world at large with different skin types and class status

In my own family, it doesn’t show enough but we love ourselves in our uniqueness

We have the quiet gentle ones

We have the crazy, hot sexy ones

We have the music loves and God lovers

We have the elegant ones

We have the naughty sneaky ones and more and more

No matter how diverse or odd your family is, they are the best gift God gave you.

The unity of their individualism is what makes for a strong and growing world

A family united stand all odds, so no matter how interesting, annoying, appreciative, unappreciative, talented or smart your family is; they are the best.