There no warmth today

Geography I guess
just a naughty rock
without feelings or a say.
I feel yesterday empty and hallow
I never expect better today
yesterdays tomorrow.
The sun yawns to the top
lighting places, shading others
and flowers happily pop
cast in shades I dwell
no gladness
just sad and cruel
till I find something/ someone to set
ma clock to happy
then I will never set
a happy mood till I fall asleep again.


A man with heart for God will find Gold in all. If you are after gold then get God first

Beautiful Words

The man of Prayer The man of Prayer

Dear imperfect husband…

I know that your face is not as handsome as the Hollywood movie stars

But you’ve got the sincere smiles that melt my heart

And eyes so full of love that make me fall in love with you deeper and deeper


Dear imperfect husband…

I know that you don’t have a muscular body

But you’ve got strong knees to kneel down in prayer

And that makes me feel safe and secure beside you


Dear imperfect husband…

I know that you are not as romantic as fairytale romance and love story

But you’ve convinced my heart that you are a faithful man

And that makes me feel peaceful


Dear imperfect husband…

I know that you are not as great as superheroes

But to me you are greater than them

Because you fight for your family


Dear imperfect husband…

Yes, it’s…

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How perfect is perfect? Guys help me understand and ladies lets talk!

inspired Grisele

The Perfect man

Your opinion of my prefect man is perfect. I appreciate your love because in your eyes I see he is perfect. The right height, appropriate age, prefect skin colour, fine eyes, glittering teeth and those drop dead abs with the right number of veins on his muscular skin, being able to lift me up to touch to moon and put me in a sweet dream(#put me to bed). So I got to thinking; did you check if he has the right heart and loves the Most High? Did you check just his skin or the scares that are born out of unconditional sacrifices? Are his eyes just fine or do you think he will fill me life with fun and laughter and make me smile out my white teeth? Is he just aged or mature? Is it just the veins or you’re sure he will value me and bring out…

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My Girl

Life begins with a meeting

We meet all manner of people every now and then

Some make us ask why it took this long for the meeting

Others make us ask who made us take this path you walk along

In your case, heaven knows how I appreciate you and yes I do

You are great girl, lady, woman and soon to be wife and mother

You are one of those that when I pray for, my heart touches the heavens and there is a reply

You are one of those that I do not thank God for, I BLESS HIM for.

Bless God I found a sister in you

Happy birthday to my girl; Ekems!!!! Much love


Take Your Stand

The earth shook once, I fell / stood
my earth shook
the birth of my hell / heaven.
Trying to catch the symphony,
of endless wandering strings
tickled by the fingers of my folly.
When foolishness wears the clothes of bravery/ wisdom the clothes of cowardice
there’s no other repercussion
than destruction beyond the grasp of scary.
The earth shook once and for all
but all around perched unaware
as to endless shadows I regrettably crawl / blissfully climb.

Good Morning Dear Friend

Thank You Jesus For Your Precious Blood

His Truth Will Set You Free

close to God

Good morning dear Jesus. I’m so grateful to be your friend. You said that there is no greater love than that of a friend who sacrifices his life for another friend and, that we are your friends, if we do as you command. And later you said that your command is to love each other. You then sacrificed yourself, for us. Yet you didn’t wait for our love. Your love came first, without conditions.

I admit that I don’t truly understand the magnitude of your love. Maybe your love goes beyond human love, like a dimension of love that we cannot see. Yet you’ve spilled your love (and your blood), into our human lives. I’m so grateful you didn’t wait for my love to come first. Thank you dear Jesus.

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Back Side Tension

Yonder help will make for no cracks

Back side tension

shame to show sweat

shame to show emotion

but the building keeps cracking

because of constant packing

till all crumbles to dust

till iron gets eat by rust.

Back side tension

felt by me the boss

trying to manage my emotions

so I don’t fold or cross

the gates of patience and civil behaviour

yonder help, heal back side tension

open skies brings in space for ease

no travail, no prevail.

One Season

Make the most of every season

One season to be pardoned
one season to know my name
ones season before am abandoned
one season before i do all the same
one season to build a plan
one season to hand it over
one season to hold your hand
one season before am gone forever
there are so many season
to do our deeds or reason
but if God gave u only one season
how many will use it for him in preaching His love?