Money 💴 Matters


If someone decides to clear all his/her bank accounts and dash the money to his/her Pastor, how is it your problem? Na your money or you joinam workam??

Some of you use your money to bribe government officials, no one asked you.

Some use it to pay prostitutes, no one asked you.

Some use it to give to the poor for showoff, no one asked you.

Some spend thier month’s salary in night clubs, expensive shoes and grand restaurants.

Some bury the money while thier families live in adject poverty.

Some spend lavishly on thier girlfriend/boyfriend

Some may even use it to clean thier ass. Your choice!

Why should how and to whom any body gives their money to be your problem??

Na your pocket Yi comot?? Mind your own affairs jooor!!

If you think someone is foolish or has been hypnotized into doing what they choose to do with thier money, go and foolish your own in your own desired area or even give your brain to be hypnotized in that area too.

People put thier money where thier hearts are. If yours is in a pit toilet, please, drop it there!!

Good morning y’all 😘😘

Courtesy of Laura B

They Looked

They looked onto You

They looked up to You

They are Lighted ( by the Light; Jesus)

They are provided for

They are protected

They do not experience shame

They do not experience any defeat

They Defeat-less One is whom they looked to

The Faithful One is whom they looked to

The Changeless One is whom they look

No more shame

No more fear

No more lack

…..I will keep looking to you Jehovah.. Abba


Message From God – Adequacy


Stop beating yourself out of lives joys and daily loads of blessings I have made available

How many times have I told you that your security and adequacy can only be in Me. Not in how you are dressed. Not in how you look. Not in how you perform. Not in how you are accepted by people. But in Me

If that is not enough , then I don’t know what else will be. I gave my SON for you. You are PRECIOUS to ME and I love you with an eternal Love

……part extract from “When God Whispers by Carole Mayhall” and the rest Holy Ghost inpired

Hardened Heart

Faking a smile in their face while stabbing them at the back

Dressing nude even to church and tag it ‘Jesus is bae’

Knowing he/she is married and still chose to make their spouse your sex partner and declare God is good

Visiting a witch doctor to hurt your own family and the next day follow them to church to pray against the source of the hurt

Cheating and dubbing fellow believers and then lift up holy hands during service days saying god gave you a business idea and wisdom is profitable.

Climbing the altar to share a lie as a testimony. No fear

Saying nobody Holy pass so that it can keep you comfortable in that act the griefs the Holy Spirit

…. define a hardened heart

40 Dreams Report from Elisha Goodman

Arise and pray


Source URL from Elisha Goodmanis HERE (you need to enter your email address to get the complete Dream Report, which is free).

ATTENTION: For Christians ONLY

40 Dreams – What They Mean 
101 Prayers to Deal with Them (Biblically)

Could Your Dreams Be Working Against You?

    If  You Think Your Dreams Mean Nothing At All… Then Think Again… Why?


What follows is a list of some mysterious dreams that can dramatically change your life, whether you remember them or not …  when you wake up.

In a few moments you will see a short list of dreams and their shocking meanings (and in case you’ve been having this type of dreams) you will have the ability to recognize and cancel the bad ones before they have a chance to manifest when you wake up.

  1.    Seeing a 

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