Temporal Love Affair -Part 2


Love face lol

It’s okay to miss it in your walk and then retrace and learn better……

It all felt so perfect. It seemed all I had heard God say ( now i know that it was maybe my desire that I heard) that he will come from that part of the world and find me and you know what they say “forever after.

We dived into fasting as he advised. Oh my. He provided the powerful prayers for our future. oh i knew the devil was in for it. In my mind i saw angels around all as it relates to us 24’7.Despite the time difference, we broke the fast together and took turns in praying for us all before bed time( i’m sure young christian single ladies imagine this) .The bible study schedules. I can go on on and you will know why it wasn’t hard to #tag God to it all

I started having checks in my spirit but i ignored them because to me the devil cannot  pry into my prayer list and produce almost  the exact( i see better the place of watch and pray)………… to be continued

How often have you tagged God with something that was just you and possibly the subtle deceiver?

What Am I ? Smart or Sneaky

I have been warned of you to be diplomatic and learn and now you are warning me of another and if I do not flow with you, I risk not learning and it is vital for me to learn. I am not trying to use you but I need to keep me going. I cannot make you know that I know you are sneaky yet I have to smile to let you know I agree with your warning me of them.

What am I? Smart or Sneaky?

Stillness In The Storm

If you like to know that everything is under control, then I have good news for you.

inspired Grisele

Now truth is told, no matter whom you are, what you have or where you are, we all face ups and downs in our lives, business, career and families. The difference is in the appellations.

You call it challenges, problems; we call it opportunity to manifest His Glory

You call it pain, we call it light affliction which will pass like all else

You say it’s shameful; you can’t be shameful of what is gainful

You call it trials; I say it’s the testing of my faith that worked patience, endurance and hope

There is stillness in knowing who controls your world;

If it’s the banking institutions then you have to cut back on your sleep to tail the market moves

If it is the Creator of the storms, then we can be still, knowing that no one knows how to manoeuvre its own products like the Manufacture


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You Inspire Me More


Today I clocked 2oo+ followers on my blog which I began being consistent on some time last year.

I am most thankful not just for the follows but for how much I have been inspired by all you bloggers and blog-readers and how daily I am motivated to better inspire

You ( Yes you reading) inspire me. Thank you:)

If You Love Me This Much

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Your love never fades away. You stay same through all ages

If you love me this much

How come you ignore me this much?

If you love me so much

How come it is hard to tell the world about me more?

If you love me so much

How come you do not talk to me as much as you talk with your media pages?

If you love me so much

How come you do not want to see your reflection in my most valued mirror #Word?

If you love me so much

How come you cannot even believe I love you to blood?

I will keep loving you till you come to know that I love you and nothing will change my love towards you and I know some day you will begin to learn of me and love right.

Has your declaration of love for God fallen short even in your eyes? What is the way forward?


Two (2) Reasons And Whys To Boast

If you are a God-loving person or a bible following one, then you will know that humility is everything and that God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. However I have learnt that it is okay to make boast in these areas; If any should boast, they should that

  1.  They know God
  2. They understand Him

How valid are your “boastings”?

Do you know why we can make our boast in Him?

  1. He acts in love (always)
  2. He is a righteous judge ( acts in justice and righteousness)

Did I give you enough reasons to start making your boast in Him?


Face Value


A selfless life is among the many things that gives face value @me

Every twist has a turn

Have you ever encountered a cynical or sneaky person in your life or have you being all the mentioned. I have found myself experiencing both. Two-face, two-timing seems to be the new “normal in today’s world.

Who are we really? When he is not there? When she is not there? When your friend is not around? When your boss is not there? When the pastor isn’t there? Etc etc

Who are we really? The nice person when you need them or the one that genuinely cares and is intentional about being there?

Who are we really? Are we that predictable or just a bunch of “allness”?

The point is our face value is not for anyone but us. We can’t really fool people with our supposed face value. Lies only hurt us

I Have Seen The God of Wonders

I’ve seen The God of Wonders
Doing Mighty things
Healing the oppressed
Setting Captives Free
He’s the Lilly of The Valley
The Bright and Morning Star
The Ruler Of All Nation
The Great and Mighty One
Heaven and Earth adore Him
Angels Bow before Him
He’s the Mighty Breasted one
He’s The Great I Am

(He’s the Great I am
Nobody like Him
He’s the Great I am
He’s Holy and Mighty
He’s the Great I am
(He’s) The  great I am
He’s the Great I am
He’s the Great I am

Powerful piece, enjoy. Great I am

Oh Yes He Answers Prayers

O yes He answers prayers

O yes He answers prayers

The God I serve answers prayers

Only Jesus answers prayers

What a marvelous God

What a marvelous God

He has done marvelous things for me

What a powerful God

What a marvelous

He is yet to do marvelous things again

I call to you

You answer me from your Holy Hill

I run to you

You make my feet like hinds

Leaping over every wall

With You I can run through a troop

Leap over the walls