Depths Of Love


You make your rain, rain blessings on all
You are the smile on our faces
You are our heritage
We just want to be by your right hand
Where we are am not moved by anything
We just want to be there
Where there are pleasures forevermore

All our good comes from You
You preserve us oh my LOVE
You are our delight
We just want to be by your right hand
Where there is help and support
We just want to be there
Where we can know and understand your ways

Our portion, Our inheritance
You who delights and rescues us
Granting desires and fulfilling plans
I love you Lord

Solely Yours


Locked in

Trapped by fear

Liberated by faith

A choice solely yours

A cross-road

You determine the outcome

He said choose life or dead

He said choose blessings or curses

A choice solely yours

You determine your outcome

A day of decision is here again

Grace to make the right choice

Yes! you can

Spontaneous Worship

CYMERA_20170320_152849.jpgGod laid this song on my heart sometime in 2013. I was about moving out from my old flat and came across it. The melody was almost lost but the words meant everything God is and still is to me

It’s amazing Father

The way you love and care for me….

As I was copying it out into my new worship book, the flow continued. Let me if this blessed you. I have received many deep worship songs and yet to work on the

I receive grace in Jesus name

Mentoring Privilege

A privilege is not a right

inspired Grisele

Mentoring is not about people’e inadequacy. How often time we (me) forget to see that when people look up to us or consult our opinions ( rare privilege from God)it is not because they want to be like us or is it room for us to try to reproduce ourselves in them. No!


Mentoring is about letting people discover the potentials deposited in them; allowing them to draw out of their wells and not try or force to create mini inadequate versions of our yet to be perfect self.

To all mentors out there, use the opportunity well. Do not insult this PRIVILEGE!

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Stop Working

It is a new year. Make changes and find better ways to do things

inspired Grisele


It’s irritating, yes so bad

Why do keep doing it?

Why do keep working out people and things that will not work you out?

You can’t eat

You can’t sleep

You can’t even pray; you really need help

Stop please stop

Don’t blame anyone but you

If it won’t work you out, then free yourself

Get working on what works you out

2 can’t work unless be agreed

Agree on things that agree with you

Wisdom is profitable to direct

Smart working above hard work

Hunting thoughts

Beautiful lost memories

You are in charge of your life; no one else

Valued image

Right reading

Careful meditation

All is within you not without

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Fulfill Purpose In Unity- Inspiration


Devotional Inspiration : Gen 11:6

And Jehovah said, Behold, they are one people ( His People set out for His purpose), and they have all one language ( have one voice; are focused on HIM); and this is what they begin to do ( United we do might works, bringing His glory to show): and now nothing will be withholden ( United we are unstoppable) from them, which they purpose to do.

Get united in your thoughts, dreams, vision, assignment, engagements and you will achieve what you set out to do.

Stay blessed