I Know


O! I want to know

No I need to know

It is important I know

It makes sense to know

What next is clearer when I know

Even if it’s not the best I should know

Will it take forever before I know?

How long before I know?

I know You

I know Your Word

I know what it says

I know I have read it before and on and on

But then how can I really know it’s time

How can I know it’s for me now?

How can I know it not my desire driving me?

How can I know it’s not just my life pulling me in its way?

How can it’s really You?

Yes I know, but things happen like I don’t know

Yes I know but people act like I don’t know

Yes I know but a few understand you can just know

I know what your Word SAYS

I choose to stand on The Word I know

I will settle on the Word I Know

I know it will speak and not lie

I will let Your Spirit teach me what to Know

I know I’m secured in You

Isaiah 34:16

Isaiah 34:16

A love I pray for

It’s new, yet it is real

So natural, heavenly

It’s not on things

It’s not on looks

It’s not about location and possessions

Its grace, mercy and purpose

It is not calculated

It is not planned

It is not connected

It is commanded (His Spirit gathers them as He spoke Isaiah 34:16)

It is to kill all want

It is for honour and glory

It is right, not seeking its own way but pressing on the truth.

It is heavenly.