Formula For Wealth- Apt Joshua Selman’s Message

The formula for wealth and abundance

The amount of money we receive ( your wealth or your income) will ALWAYS be in exact proportion TO:

  1. The demand or the need for what you do ( the product or the service your offer)
  2. Your ability ( skill, expertise, proficiency) to do what you do
  3. The difficulty in replacing you.

This is a key that will set us free forever. Every wealthy person, church,institution uses this formula.

  • Never try to provide a service where there is no demand for you. You are answering a question no body is asking. Create a demand first or satisfy and existing demand


message on youtube, you need to listen to it

The Chase


I’ll forever be chasing after you

I’ll be chasing after You



After YOU

You’re more real than family

You’re more real than the air we breath

You’re more real than the flesh on the skin

I’ll forever be chasing after You

I’ll be chasing after You (Jesus)

Something About A Presence


Some people walk into a room and an event and the whole atmosphere changes. There is just something about their presence. For some the presences causes fear and calm. Others causes panic and chaos. Some applause and screams. Some standing ovations and fainting.


There is something powerful about His Presence. Something powerful and magnetic. Something electrifying and changing. Something peaceful and victorious. The Presence of the Most High, of Jesus changes everything. It none negotiable for a Christian.

The world is chaotic and depressing but then His Presence makes sense of it all. Mountains melts at His presence. They even skip as rams lol. My goodness, walls fall at His presence. His Presences changes everything positively.

Seek this day to know and understand His Presence. All you need to defeat all oppositions is His presence. You know what the say; so long as the fire is on, no flies ow wild animals can come near but once the fire goes out rubbish starts and takes foothold. His Presence is fire…….. Stay blessed in His presence

Mentoring Privilege

Mentoring is not about people’e inadequacy. How often time we (me) forget to see that when people look up to us or consult our opinions ( rare privilege from God)it is not because they want to be like us or is it room for us to try to reproduce ourselves in them. No!


Mentoring is about letting people discover the potentials deposited in them; allowing them to draw out of their wells and not try or force to create mini inadequate versions of our yet to be perfect self.

To all mentors out there, use the opportunity well. Do not insult this PRIVILEGE!