All By Himself


God is not your regular. He is God and all by Himself. He doesn’t need any man to be the God that He is. This is to let you know that He does not speak according to your capacity but according to His. He doesn’t speak to impress you, He is not your mate.

You can trust Him when He speaks to You

Tales Of A Young Christian Girl

Right after a powerful service, he makes a comment on how my breast are shiny and fresh  and very distracting to him and i was in shock and didn’t know if that was plain out disrespectful , an honest remark , a cute comment to make my head swell that i’m beautiful and take care of myself, plain out immoral or a compliment from a christian brother.

Should i be angry and call him out as being carnal and immoral? You know what the bible says about looking upon a woman lustfully and sinning in your heart. Is it the same or should i be blamed for not dressing appropriately to an extend that my breast could be seen through my shirt… or why did i wear a shirt without an inner wear

I guess there are side to every coin unless its not a coin. What do you make of it

Name Sake


It’s twilight again and random thoughts are strolling in my mind. Seeking answers to the concerns that weigh my head and heart. Things i seek to understand or question why it’s the way it is.

The day sets off and I was reading a book called ” UNDERSTANDING DIVINE DIRECTION ” by Bishop David Oyedepo . I was on chapter 7 and they light surge it and it just began to smile aloud

You are not blessed because of what you or how well you do it. It’s for my namesake.

You are not healed just because you prayed more than others of have a mountain moving faith, It’s because of my namesake.

You did not get that job because your are the most smart and all and all but for my namesake.

He doesn’t let us see shame not for us but for His namesakes.

Do you remember how many times you have fallen short yet for His namesake He, still shows up and lifts you up?

It’s all for His name sake. So grow your confidence in this name. The matchless, ageless, changeless name. Today as your pray and carry on the day, make request not on account of your righteousness but for His namesake

Stay blessed

Inspired to encourage

(Written by : Inspired Grisele)



Social Media Post and Content Won’t Do The Work


1476385891180Relationships takes and needs  hard and smart work to survive; so you better get working but be sure that that you are working things and people out that need you to work. Even if they are wife or husband material, you still need to work to make you both work. Pray and fast yes but still put in the physical work

If you do not work while its day night might come and you will be outside. If you are waiting for the social media or different people’s lives to make your relationship work then your are really a joke.

Nothing changes until we change. Nothing works until we work it. Nothing great just falls from the sky, work is put into to receive. Time is invested. Conditions which are not always pleasant are endured.

Have values. Set standards and work on improving yourself. Devote energy where there is need. Every little step counts. You might not see it right away but without a doubt a difference will show when things begin working

Wake up and work where work is needed. Watch all the relationship videos you want and read all the books there are and listen to all the podcast that are available, until you act on them…. that relationship will not work.

IG: Inspired Grisele


Focus Fuels Your Options

#god is limitless. The earth is His and the fullness there of. Every provision has been made already , just look to Him. Keep your focus on Him and not on the world or the society’s expectations. You will reach your goals. You will impact your world positively. You will do exploits. Look unto God for your enlightenment #purposefulliving #encouragement #christcentered #purposedrivenlife #destined4dominion #relationships #relationshipgoals #goals #purpose

Love Seeking


There is a level in love i want to be

Yes…. love is in phases

I want to love Him like there is no tomorrow

Of-course there is no tomorrow because my tomorrow is in Him

I want to love Him for real and seek Him truth

Not as a show or an act but from a place of depth

A love that looks crazy to others but rewarding in all its ways

A love that obeys beyond self comforts

A love that grows even in adversity

A love that beats the desert sand and sun

I desire to love and seek Him more daily

My hearts desire is in place