MARRY YOUR MATE By  Apostle Joshua Selman.


One of the ways your marriage will not add to the rate of divorce in our world today is for you to marry your mate and if you are married already, make your spouse your mate! You see that statement of ‘ Am I your mate?’ does not apply in marriage. You must marry your mate. I will like to talk on seven dimensions you and the person you want to marry or you have married must be mate.


Marry someone you can speak together and understand each other. Communication is very crucial in marriage. Don’t marry someone that, when you are saying ‘A’ he or she will be saying ‘ Z’ Once there is dichotomy in your speaking and understanding level, you can’t enjoy that marriage. So many men go to bar to hang out with friends and gist till 11pm because they know their wives can’t engage in any meaningful intellectual discussion. So many women too prefer to hang out with their friends, because they know their husbands mentality when it comes to vital issues and discussions is very low. Marry your speaking Mate.

2. MARRY_YOUR_SCHOOL_MATE By this I mean, marry someone you can learn together and improve together. Don’t marry ‘ Mr Know all’ or ‘Miss Know all’. Don’t marry someone who is rigid and not open to new ideas, new ways of doing things, or new innovations. Marriage is a great institution. From day one till death do you part, you will keep learning. Marry your ‘school’ mate; someone who is ready to learn with you.


Marriage is not just a social union. It is also a spiritual union. Marry someone who knows the same God you know. Don’t marry someone who’s believe of God is different from yours. Two can’t work together except they be agreed ( Amos 3:3, Joshua 23: 11-15, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18). The spiritual controls the physical, even in marriage. Check for spiritual compatibility in that person you want to marry.


Don’t marry someone who is stingy. There are so many expenses to cater for in marriage. A stingy guy in courtship won’t suddenly become a generous husband in marriage. Don’t marry a lady that has the financial philosophy of ‘ My husband’s money is our money, but my money is my money’. Marry someone who believes in dignity of labour , who is ready to work, not a lazy fellow who just want to be a consumer and not a contributor. Marry someone who is ready to spend and be spent for the growth and success of the family.


Marry someone you have sexual feelings for. Sexual feeling is not a sin. It is an instinct God put in every person. Sex plays a major role in the success of any marriage. Any man you don’t have emotional feelings for, don’t marry the person. If you don’t have emotional feelings for that lady, leave her alone. A spiritual being is also a sexual being. No matter how spiritual you both may be in your marriage, you won’t be praying for 24 hours in a day. You won’t be reading the Bible or worshiping God 24/7. You will have sex! You will romance! You will flirt with each other! You will make babies. So, marry someone you can connect with sexually. It will help you to enjoy your marriage so much!


Don’t marry someone you won’t be proud to go out with. Don’t marry someone you will be feeling shy to introduce to people with boldness. Marry someone you are comfortable to hang out with. Marry someone you are socially compatible with. Don’t marry an anti- social person. You might be wondering if you can find all the ‘mates’ in one person. Yes! The answer is YES! You don’t need to marry 6 guys/ladies to have all these mates. One person can be all that for you. If you also work on yourself and build your life, you can be all that for the guy/lady that will marry you. The promise of God for you is this : ‘Seek and read from the book of the LORD: Not one of these shall be missing; none shall be without her mate. For the mouth of the LORD has commanded, and his Spirit has gathered them.’ (Isaiah 34:16). Say it loud and clear ‘ I shall not lack a mate!’ I hope this blessed someone reading?


Apparently, I’m a ‘leftover’ woman

No one has the right to tag some one leftover becuase…..We need to grow up

Joseyphina's World

The first time I came across the term
‘leftover woman’ was when a fellow African blogger tagged me along some others
and asked us what we thought of it. I had no idea and couldn’t think of any
situation that would make anyone merit that description. So I asked what it
meant before attempting to make any submissions.

She replied along the lines of ‘a
woman who is the only one among a group of friends who hasn’t gotten married
yet’. I remember staring at my phone, jaw dropped. I blinked, hoping I didn’t
read it right. No matter how carefully I read it over and over, the meaning
didn’t change. I was shocked and saddened that someone actually sat down to
coin such a mean term for single women.

I doubt there’s a term for the
male counterpart because a man doesn’t need a ring to be respected as…

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There Is Excuse for Abuse


That’s all she heard before he slapped her hard

Why will you do that? You promised me you will never lay a finger on me again

Yes I did but you have a way of provoking me. You just never zip your lips?

Is that your excused for abusing me?

Circumstances don’t make a man. They only reveal him

Domestic or émettions abuse doesn’t just start the day it gets violent or the day people notice it. If you have been ignoring the signs at the earlier stages of your relationships with the person , no more

Many have lost their lives making excuses for abusive partners and people in thier lives.

We can start making a difference today

God Never Gets/ Cuts Short

Ah God is good

His Word just lighted my path this morning so sharing it with you. He will never stop a source he is using to make provisions available for you or meet your needs without another. God always knows when one thing stops and another starts. Wow , the truth is His ways are past searching but secure enduring and everlasting

“Right away, the day after the Passover, they started eating the produce of that country, unraised bread and roasted grain. And then no more manna; the manna stopped. As soon as they started eating food grown in the land, there was no more manna for the People of Israel. That year they ate from the crops of Canaan.”

‭‭Joshua‬ ‭5:11-12‬ ‭MSG‬‬

When and if He is the one closing a door in your life the. Look well. He has and will open another

Have a blessed day and no what’s you might be going through today, be encouraged. God’s got you

Love you

Inspired Grisele