Relationship in two words; Self-esteem & Communication


Every relationship is build on a foundation,the length of your relationship depends on the foundation on which it’s set on. You  can not carry a four story and put on four specks of wood and expect it to stand,trust me it will crash immediately you set the first floor. So what am I saying,a relaionship is not just what you imagine or you watch on movies or television screens, its a job, you have to put in time and energy , you have to be willing to sacrifice and bend some of your rules and standards you’ve build up over the years.

To me there are certain pillars that must be put in place in other for any relationship to work. Be it simple friendship,love relationship,family,work,neighbors etc.The first is SELF  ESTEEM (self worth,self confidence) , before you become involved with some of the above types of relationships, i said some because…

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Nike Shorts and Sweatshirts

Definition of true friendship


real firends

My favorite thing about our relationship is that

I don’t have to pretty with you

I don’t have to be well spoken

Or turn on my grammar check

I don’t have to reapply my makeup.

Nike shorts and sweatshirts suffice.

You know me well enough that nothing else matters, but me.

You know my heart.

My weakness and my strengths

My most terrible moments

And I know yours

I have hated you, but in the same moment see how this relationship was different than any other relationship Ive ever had.

How my hate for you only exemplified how much you loved me

I can see God in you.

How in my frustration you made me laugh

And I don’t have to be pretty with you

I don’t have to match

Or even smell nice

Post workout meetings are okay with you

Random conversations are invited

I don’t have to make…

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Staying in the past stops the present and prevent our future from happening. Appreciate the gift of today


“Forget yesterday–it has already forgotten you. Don’t sweat tomorrow–you haven’t even met. Instead, open your eyes and your heart to a truly precious gift–today.” Steve Maraboli

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Asking the Honest Question?

I get so fascinated at the way people turn to act and behave. If you put yourself in fire, then get ready to get burn or find an escape. One of my lecturer once said” there is no stupid question and there is no question without an answer” Yes I don’t beg I Continue reading


The reason there is so much talk on role models and mentors is as a result of the impact of their lives to that of others. I love friends and true friendships and my forever models in this domain remain the epic bible characters in the persons of David and Jonathan. I pray my little steps help you build true friendship that has nothing to do with age, color, size, sex etc

True Friendships

* You must share common concerns and interest

* Focus on meeting one another’s needs not yours

* Risk rejection and pain

* You must love sacrificially

* Be open and transparent

*Ask for forgiveness and be ready to forgive

* Do not justify, accept criticism and praise

* Allow biblical principles to govern your relationship.

Let me know what you think?

Stillness In The Storm

Now truth is told, no matter whom you are, what you have or where you are, we all face ups and downs in our lives, business, career and families. The difference is in the appellations.

You call it challenges, problems; we call it opportunity to manifest His Glory

You call it pain, we call it light affliction which will pass like all else

You say it’s shameful; you can’t be shameful of what is gainful

You call it trials; I say it’s the testing of my faith that worked patience, endurance and hope

There is stillness in knowing who controls your world;

If it’s the banking institutions then you have to cut back on your sleep to tail the market moves

If it is the Creator of the storms, then we can be still, knowing that no one knows how to manoeuvre its own products like the Manufacture

Our stillness is not in the absence of storms, it’s in the Presence of the calmer of storms

God never worries; Trust His Control and Character (Ps46:10)