I Respect Your Love

Most times I do not understand what you want from me

It is so hard trying to play you

All I can ever be is me and my unique me

How can you say you want me and you know you are best for me?

Do not misunderstand me; I believe in the faith you have in you. Great

You cannot say you know me when you do not know the most important person and thing in my life

That one thing that means all to me

No. You cannot have a relationship with me if you do not have a relationship with HE that is all there is to me

I respect your love but I would rather you learn the right love from the AUTHOR.

To love me, you have to love Him, that way I am sure you will love me right.

Please do not try to convince me

Just get to know Him, and He will convince me to see you in all your uniqueness and love you and together we conquer the world

Only the truth makes. I just told you my truth

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