The Perfect man

Your opinion of my prefect man is perfect. I appreciate your love because in your eyes I see he is perfect. The right height, appropriate age, prefect skin colour, fine eyes, glittering teeth and those drop dead abs with the right number of veins on his muscular skin, being able to lift me up to touch the moon and put me in a sweet dream(#put me to bed).

So I got to thinking;

Did you check if he has the right heart and loves the Most High?

Did you check just his skin or the scares that are born out of unconditional sacrifices?

Are his eyes just fine or do you think he will fill me life with fun and laughter and make me smile out my white teeth?

Is he just aged or mature?

Is it just the veins or you’re sure he will value me and bring out the best in me?

Is it just about lifting my body what happens to my Spirit?

Will i just have sweet dreams or be in the sweet place at the end of life?

Your answer will make me look into your opinion for me.

Nothing Changes


I have always loved consistency

Not because I am consistent in all I do

Yet I have come to appreciate consistency

Not because i am in pain or health

Not because i am married or single

Not because i am employed or unemployed

Not because i have my own apartment or in a shared accommodation

I have learnt that nothing changes who He is to me

He remains God , every true and loving and faithful

Nothing changes Who He is to me and will be and ever is.

Trust For Audible Answers

I opened by hand bag (nothing fancy but lovely) and right there, I discovered I am almost out on my “Chance” pocket perfume. I love a good scent. So now i’m going through my purpose to see if i should buy it now or just hang on for a few days. I tell myself; “It is well”

Days ahead we had gone out for our company party and out of the bloom we had to get into strange sporting activity for ladies (Catwalk). How unexpected is that? And yes winners go back with gifts. So i’m looking forward to it. I use the best God gave me and came out winner. Next day back at work everyone is asking if i got my git and what it was and older employees made me know that it will be a phone ( possibly iPhone)


I got what my heart asked and i needed

I am expectant and above all celebrating God I won something. The parcel comes and guess what it’s a whole box (perfume and deodorant) How precise can our loving Father get. God searched in my life even to little details as a spray and answered my silent heart prayer audibly, telling me He heard what i asked for without asking out loud ( God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! Eph 3:20)

God is ready to provide for you, He cares even for the minutest things about your life. Do not limit God in your life. His faithfulness you can count on. Much love 🙂


I Respect Your Love

Most times I do not understand what you want from me

It is so hard trying to play you

All I can ever be is me and my unique me

How can you say you want me and you know you are best for me?

Do not misunderstand me; I believe in the faith you have in you. Great

You cannot say you know me when you do not know the most important person and thing in my life

That one thing that means all to me

No. You cannot have a relationship with me if you do not have a relationship with HE that is all there is to me Continue reading

Asking the Honest Question?

I get so fascinated at the way people turn to act and behave. If you put yourself in fire, then get ready to get burn or find an escape. One of my lecturer once said” there is no stupid question and there is no question without an answer” Yes I don’t beg I Continue reading

Faithful Guide


“If I was a rainbow

I will show my colors for you

If I was a song bird

I will sing my song for you

If you take the sun and the moon

And take away the stars at night

Your FAITHFULNESS, will always be my GUIDE”.

Just thinking on His Faithfulness and Love and Mercy and GRACE and Favor

Selah! Selah!

What would you do to relate to His Goodness and Mercy towards you, your family, life and all

Happy Sunday, Much Love


Take Your Stand

The earth shook once, I fell / stood
my earth shook
the birth of my hell / heaven.
Trying to catch the symphony,
of endless wandering strings
tickled by the fingers of my folly.
When foolishness wears the clothes of bravery/ wisdom the clothes of cowardice
there’s no other repercussion
than destruction beyond the grasp of scary.
The earth shook once and for all
but all around perched unaware
as to endless shadows I regrettably crawl / blissfully climb.

Stop!!! Please Stop

Stop giving it colours

Stop giving it sizes

Stop grading it. This makes me sick

A lie is a lie no matter how much you try to fine tune it, it remains a lie.

This I learnt that, the worst of all deceit is that in yourself. Oh you think that it was deceit to others? No way. You lies only make you little and cheap and make you a fool to you. It’s freeing to be to true to you. Continue reading

The “Faithful Cry”

It takes ma aback how all i hear is how unfaithful that person, persons are , that teacher, that colleague, that community, that nation, that race. Please we need to get to the side were we get real. In all unfaithfulness, there is so much faithfulness in our lives and that of the people around our world.!!!!!! Yes it is sickening. Can we try to cry” oh how faithful they have been with the little things in their lives and even ours? Cant we just cry out God’s faithfulness. His faithfulness reaches the clouds. Mai it has been real in my life, so please cry His faithfulness and see how better life becomes.

Life has its dark and cheerful side but true happiness comes from that which we choose to focus on.Much love. Get real