Do Not Apologize


Today, stop living behind the shadows of people’s expectations of you. You are you and you have a mind of your own. You receive counsel but you are not trying to be of copy of another person

All it takes for you to see their true nature is to refuse their impositions and walk into your glorious destiny. They might initially get grumpy with and at you, but give it time, they will notice that the un-shadowed you is the best version of you they could ever have and wished they had seen this version earlier

Do not be shy to be you. Do not apologize for being you. You are created to show forth God’s glory and praise and if you are doing that, there is no stopping or holding you down. Oh goodness.

I know i have been on this same trail of thought for days now. I am not sure why but i know my Inspiration is too purposeful and I pray the one this is meant for reads it and blossoms.

Stay blessed. I love you

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