Grace to Wait and Wait Well

Patience is a rare virtue that we all MUST get. Ladies let’s not be obsessed with marriage that every “hello” becomes a proposal

Life Inspired By God

I got pregnant because I was impatient.

I felt led to share this with y’all so I hope it blesses you. 😘

Today I was listening to “The Wait” (I’ve been reading it again and I’m not keeping up in my group so I figured I would listen to the audiobook since I had purchased it like 6 months ago. I’ve had the actual book for probably a year or two.) A line that struck a cord with me today was “God does not show your heart to everybody. He only shows it to people He can trust with it.”

So then it hit me. All the relationships I had been in failed largely because those men weren’t able to see my heart and I was being impatient. They were lessons yes, and I’m beyond grateful for what I learned but they didn’t work out because they weren’t supposed to…

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