Interior Fit-out In My House

The first time I visited Kempinski Hotel at MOE, I was fascinated by the beautiful superior interior fittings… oh the choice of colors and upholstery. We all want beautiful things in life . Something that everyone can refer too… I wonder why we seem to think that God will want any less .That is the same how God feels about us.

“Build the Lord’s house and you will be built”

 “This is what the Lord says: These people say it’s not the right time to rebuild the house of the Lord.” When is the right time for your life to begin to reflect His Glory? When is the right time to let your light so shine? It goes beyond fine cloths and shoes. It’s a call to adorn our character(nice upholstery)

Then the Lord spoke his word through the prophet Haggai. He said, “Is it time for you to live in your paneled houses while this house lies in ruins? We are His house and He wants to bring the best out in us to show. Most often we mistaken His house for a building. We are His house, in us He lives, moves and have His being…… are you beginning to see what He is telling you…..

He says: I will make you a wonder. You will be a sign of royalty (signet ring).Once we stay close to Him, it will be impossible for us not to be noticed. If we stay in His presence it is impossible for people not to see the beauty of His house; You. He is saying again, you are a sign and a wonder and if you let me do my interior fit-out work… I will cause you to be a place to be visited, to be marvelled at, a touristic attraction… Let me work on you

(study more on Haggai 1-2) Father let the eyes of our understanding be open to your truths.

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