“Marriage is not for me”

Marriage is not for me

I was watching this interesting interview on “marriage is not for me” by “our “icons Shonda Rhimes and Oprah Winfrey. You know there is just something about information and especially from people we look up to, or are celebrities. Personally I think some of the most twisted ideas are from the so say icons and the truth is behind closed doors the reality of their global speeches holds on to them.

The truth is everyone is entitled to your opinion. I just do not understand how you will want your life to be everyone’s life. You can have kids with a man but a man will take up your time? How twisted is that? Well that is not the essence of this post today.

Marriage is for me (1 Cor 7:2b). Do you want to know why?

  • It is a gift from my creator (1Cor 7:7)
  • It is honourable (Heb 13:4)
  • It should not be forbidden ( 1Tim 4:3)
  • It is responsibility ( 1 Cor 7:33)
  • It is not a sin ( 1 Cor 7:28)

Do not fear what they fear or speak what they speak. Have a mind of your own and not generalities. There is a man or wan out there for you as husband or wife but still if you are not “CALLED “to be married it is still great. God does not speak English, He uses ENGLISH. To be continued ….

14 thoughts on ““Marriage is not for me”

    • gislyreal says:

      Yes, we do not just accept all from people because they are “Icons” we all have a unique path in destiny and so we don’t have to try and be copy versions of people

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  1. elendark says:

    Still, even with this knowledge from the Bible and “ideas” from others or “icons” as they are called, kindred spirits “may” recognise one another. I’m not saying everyone should jump on the band wagon of what celebrities say. They too are human as the rest of us, common folk who could only dream of being in the spotlight and many of us share similarities. It’s just ok to know what u want out of life; hopes, dreams and all. Even if they go against the “right” notion.

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    • gislyreal says:

      So true Elen, thanks commenting and reblogging. We need to have a mind of our own so that we don’t pick up hand-downs that do not even line with what we need in life, being a copy of people’s imperfect lives

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