Pouring Yourself Out

We are daily pour ourselves out into our jobs, careers, businesses, families, friends. There is that thing that each one of us pours into daily. My devotion today guides us into the right ways to pour ourselves out in to the lives of others in a way that glorifies God and in turn cause us to be refilled

Here are 3 ways to pour ourselves out right

  1. By acts of love. Not only words but acts of love. The list is unending. So make your pick and pour out for a greater refill
  2. By being alert to notice that people are different and so different strokes for different folks. Once we understand the uniqueness of each other, we allow them be themselves and stop imposing our nature into their lives. It helps against unnecessary arguments and fussing.
  3. By mending fences and so on time. Once we wrong people or they wrong us, we take steps to forgive them and by so doing our peace is in tact

Prayer: Father I receive grace for right outpouring today in Jesus name

Have a blessed day

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