When The Wrong One Loves You Right


Love is interesting. We are always happy to fall in love but sad when love turns sour or we fall out of love. Now this has nothing to do with love itself but the individuals in love. Often we blame love; this is so wrong. Love is never to be blamed. Love is just love. It stands tall everyday.

Walking through loves path is always a delight. Walking away is not so a delight yet people will come up with a dry consolation that meeting a few wrong people just prepares you for the right one. To say i agree not so sure. All i know is once we get so use to wrong love, your relationship with right love will be twisted and might need way more work than usual for it to work.

The wrong one can not love you right. They can do the right things to you but then what is they point if they are not yours or want you as their or are meant for you. I know One that loves you just right and He and i have been having a great time. I love how He loves me

He can’t and will never break your heart. He will never walk away from you even if you walk away from him. His love is ever searching or seeking to bring the best in you. His love knows no bounds or wrongs. His love is eternal and everlasting. He’s name is Jesus Christ. Let him love you. Ask him to reveal is love to you and once you become aware of His love, your life will never be the same. All you need is the right one to love you right. Jesus loves you beyond your imagination. Lean into his love. Let him love and protect you till you meet the right one he has for you. Stop letting that boyfriend, girlfriend or friend with benefits exploit and make rubbish of your destiny

Thank you for reading. Stay blessed

5 thoughts on “When The Wrong One Loves You Right

  1. This is an interesting point of view that the wrong person can love you right. At the moment I’m still not convinced that there is only one person for us. If you can find someone who is loyal and does the will of God in the way they live their lifestyle, what else is there to look for? I’m still new to the dating game but do you really think that there is only one person meant for you in a romantic relationship?

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    • inspiredGrisele says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting. There is not just one person, however you can find that one person for you and as such they become the one for you. All we need do is align with God to find a man that loves God so that he will be able to love us right and together we can fulfill purpose. Remember two cant work unless be agree not two must walk


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