Word Energy


All energy is draining out

Why is this happening to me?

These battles are strong

If it was on the field, then we are familiar

If it was in a ring, a referee is in a place to blow fair

The battle ground is familiarly unfamiliar

It’s in the mind

Yes the mind

You want to know how to win?

Of course victory is sure gradually


Yes renew

Renew your mind daily

By the word

It cleanses

It washes

We are winning

Winning every battle

Replacing wrong thoughts with right ones

This is how to win mind battles

Step out

Gain your energy in word thoughts/ meditations



Monday Motivation: Focus

And hast not shut me up into the hand of the enemy: thou hast set my feet in a large room. (Ps 31:8)

It’s not about where you are or what is going on around you or what the economy and the institutions are directing your way that looks caging. Focus on where God has placed you and what He is yet to do for you(large room). He says I will give nations in exchange for you.

Develop a positive consciousness as you walk through your days and I am sure to hear your testimony by the end of each day of bringing you and setting your foot on a large place.

Stay blessed forever

Trump News


A while back me and my girl at work were talking on the elections and i was like do not be surprised if Trump wins she asked why and i replied” the world is so serious and tense that people need someone whose  craziness can cause them to laugh and lolololollo

Nothing is really impossible