Value Your Friendships


You get fond of a guy/girl and they begin to think that your world is solely depended on them? What a fallacy. People chose to be friends with you or make you a part of their world not out of your superiority but out of sheer understanding that we all need each other to survive and because people offer us room to learn and grow.

You keep acting up and yes, the accommodate it but it can’t be so forever. So now if you are thinking that they are going to be begging you always when you begin acting up after they have called you to order severally and condone your swings, then you have another thing coming. You should get ready for a long wait. Two wrongs do not make a right yet friendship is an agreement of two to share common concerns and interest so why do you want only your interest to continually be served.

Learn to value every moment and every experience. Turning the hands of time is not a privilege we all can command at will. Value your friendships….you never know what tomorrow holds.

Your Make Up


God did not make a mistake with our make-up. He fashioned us right. When we begin to despise the we look and dislike ourselves, we are indirectly telling Him that He missed it in our formation.

Everyone is trying to be like another. Having forms, color and features that was not in the beginning. Do not get me wrong. It was great to look good but be careful not to disdain your creator.

Low self esteem is a real battle in our generation as the media has enhanced and altered the notion of beauty that gains approval and so , so many are trying to log into it by becoming false and almost in recognizable. A little polishing is okay but what is really your motive? Inadequacy or glory?

You are a master piece. he took enough time on us. God is too purposeful to do things anyhow. you are handpicked by God so do not let anyone or anything thing even that stupid thought in your head telling you otherwise. You are amazing just the way you are.

Much love!

Face Value


A selfless life is among the many things that gives face value @me

Every twist has a turn

Have you ever encountered a cynical or sneaky person in your life or have you being all the mentioned. I have found myself experiencing both. Two-face, two-timing seems to be the new “normal in today’s world.

Who are we really? When he is not there? When she is not there? When your friend is not around? When your boss is not there? When the pastor isn’t there? Etc etc

Who are we really? The nice person when you need them or the one that genuinely cares and is intentional about being there?

Who are we really? Are we that predictable or just a bunch of “allness”?

The point is our face value is not for anyone but us. We can’t really fool people with our supposed face value. Lies only hurt us

Things You Should Not Spend Time On


Photo me: Looking to spend my time well lol .Sometimes we need to be pushed to the edge to effect certain changes #wsidom demands

We get out of life what we put in. Wisdom the wise says is the principal thing yet he also said do not neglect understanding. These are a few on my random don’t spend your time list, you can add to it. Waiting to read from you lol

Do not spend your time being a version of people’s expectations, rather, search to be the original from the Creator

Do not spend your time running after someone who is not running after you or who is more valuable in your life

Do not spend your time working people out that are not working you out

Do not spend your time chasing someone that is chasing another

Do not spend all your time chatting with someone who is planning with another

Do not spend your time prioritizing someone when all you are to them is an option

Do not spend your time valuing someone that devalues you all the time

Do not spend your time respecting people when all they do is disrespect and ridicule you all the time