Feelings Fade


He held my hand and chills went down my spine

I wasn’t having butterflies

I was just feeling different.

There is more to love than feelings. There is more to life than just existing. Find true purpose in whatever drives you. Feelings might fade and fail. The essence or the purpose will keep you going. DO NOT let feelings only determine your decisions.

Have a great weekend and make sure you feel great


Musings With God


Why are you fearful?

Where there is fear, there is no sound mind and you know how that works

You, yes you, if you do not let it and you know I won’t let such

You are fearing the invisible and that is not My will

I love you and have proofed it over and over again

This should be your eternal guarantee

What more do you want?

Confidence In The Handrail


Holding on the handrail with every strength in my body ; i mean with all my might, the bus swayed from one corner to another as we took turns. Because i was so plucked to the handrail with every might in me, as we took turns i was standing so strong and firm as if driving in a sports car on the racing tracks. My feet didn’t move neither did i stutter. I was so focused just then a flash thought came to my mind ” what if the pole should fall apart? it will be a spill-over effect as i would fall on those behind me and they will on others and who knows where the fall will stop on those on the seats or where? Those were just my thoughts.time.png

As I lost concentration , being drowned in my thoughts, i didn’t know we had gotten to yet another bus stop were some passengers had to alight. Once the bus took off i found my feet wobbling and i vibrated from one point to the next from the jerk lol

Then i began having this ministration in my heart. I remembered Peter at the command of Jesus to walk on water, he began walking as his focus was on Christ but as soon as he began looking at the water, he sank ( Matt 14:25-31). (Once we hold on to God. Keep our focus on Christ and let the Holy Spirit lead us, nothing can shake us. we can stand strong and all even in odds. Once our focus shifts from God to people or situation or circumstance, a fall is inevitable. The same we have confidence in all manner of handrails in our lives ( job, spouse, finances, government, uncles etc) if we could just hold this strong on God having confidence that He will never leave us or forsake us ( Heb 13:4), There shall be to limit to the heights we will attain in life.

Let our hearts, mind, strength and might be focused on Christ alone



I didn’t ask you to figure me out.

Do you honestly think you have the capacity to?

Do you think figuring Me out is what will make you scale heights?

Well, my ways are past searching

My ways are not your ways

My thoughts are way beyond yours

I only asked you to trust Me and my forever settled Word

I only asked you to love me with your all and let Me do my amazing wonders in and for you

I am God and can do above and beyond

Trust me. Do not try to figure Me or My ways out


What We Do And Wear Plus

I have always known that God cares from the time I set my heart to know Him. But i was more trilled to know that God cares SO MUCH ABOUT WHAT WE DO.


It goes beyond what we do. It gets right down till little specifics like color and more. When messengers had to be sent to Peter as it relates to gentiles getting saved, Cornelius was told to go to a Leather workers house. You see, He is mindful of the WORKS OF OUR HANDS. Not just that it further said Brown Leather. Our God knows details we just need to lean in on Him.So you see, there is nothing wrong in wearing, making and owning good quality and fine things; leather ain’t cheap

Further He cares about where we live. God knows where you live right now. This SHOULD TAKE EVERY WORRY OFF YOU NOW. That is why it is important to seeks God’s direction in all we do even where we life.

Let me trill you the more. God said that Peter lives with his friend new the BEACH. Vacations are allowed by God even a nice time @ a BEACH RESORT. God is not a Dictator ( He is not uptight as is sometimes portrayed)

(Read Acts 10, for full insight and new rhema)


Unashamed- Beach Attitude


We knelt on the beach, prayed, (Acts 20:5b NOG)

We are not a cult but lovers of the creator of the heavens and the earth. I have been blessed by the passage above. In prayers our posture is as vital as our actions and position. When Paul was set to sail after being warned not the go to Jerusalem yet, he stay and was once his stay was over, the disciples and their families set out to see him off to the new location. They got to the beach and knelt down and prayed.We have to grow in our love to begin to spend time with Him everywhere especially in this century. I see non-Christians pray by the road side and every possible place so long as its prayer time so unashamed.

Kneeling is a vital position in PRAYER. You might be wondering why the beach? It is important as it is a quiet place or populous one but most importantly God is calling our attention to the fact that we have to be open to Him in prayer, unashamed of who is next to us, or who is watching and what they are saying. We have to be totally open if we will see Him manifest by answered prayers.

Develop a beach attitude each time you set to seek God. Be open, be free and be unashamed as you approach the mercy sit daily. Stay blessed

Prayer: Father breath afresh upon my prayer walk in Jesus name. Let a fresh wind of your Spirit ignite fire on my prayer alter in Jesus name


Wrongly Sure

Oh how I love the gift of life, how I appreciate being among the living, pain free not excluding of emotional pain

Have you ever been so sure of something that nothing could make you think otherwise, even the pounding heart beats and the loud screams of your inner voice or subtly whisper of that Still voice.

Putting all the dots to assure you that you are right and then you wake up to know that you were so wrongly sure? I have been there, opening your heart to love and believing all he says and trying to use “church” to justify it and oops it comes clear and I just can’t get mad because I ignored the warning and played justification. Not on instincts but on knowing.

Him alone knows all, like David, do the “inquiry thing” even about all so that like me you don’t get wrongly sure and dream false. I’m now doing the inquiry 🙂