Desire Alone Will Not Work


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Good things in life are desired by all. However, desire alone will not bring results. We want things yet we are not ready to pay the price for it. There is always a price; a commitment on our path. Here is my story’

I had a situation I needed someone to talk to. You know what they say a problem shared is half solved. So, I messaged a friend and said “I need to talk to you about something and get your insight” and my friend responded back with their availability. Later I discovered it was something I need to talk about not chat about and I asked my friend to call me so I can talk about it. Like for real? Is it really important to me? If so why can’t I pay the price to get what I want? Is it that I have gotten so use to handouts and hand downs? Hmmm

I learned later than desire alone will not do the magic. So now, that good thing which you have been desiring to have. What price are you are you willing to pay? What commitments are you making? I went out of my way and got units so I could call and the situation was settled. No doubt they say necessity is the mother to inventions. Step out of your wishing and desire zone and begin to pay the price for what you want outta life.

A Validated Key To Success


Truth be told, you have been hand picked and gifted.My gifting might not be in same measure as yours but then that doesn’t limit my gift because yours is more. You were created for more. Sometimes a dream has been birthed in us and we share it with the right peoples. Sometimes we even share it with the wrong persons but then it is not about who you share it with it is about what you do with the dream you believed you received.

The only how our talent and dreams and gifts will succeed is if we stay FOCUSED. Yes focus is a validated key to success. This is not to say that your vision will not be challenged by situation, circumstances or even people but the only way you will make it is if you stay focused on that which you have received and the Giver then there is no stopping you

Do not throw in the towel. Stay focused

Put Boundaries


Do not let anyone talk you down

Do not let anyone discredit your walk with God

Do not let anyone put your dreams on hold

Do not let anyone destroy your vision with their opinions


You are, as successful as the information you let into your heart. We need to put boundaries on the things we let people say or sow into our lives. Words are seeds, so the more we filter them, the better our experiences in and of life will be. So please put boundaries