My Truths About Sexual Feelings

The truth is that every one of us is human but our human nature of feelings ought to be controlled; God needs to be by us to see us through. The demand for sex from young boys and girls is high and very pressurizing but the truth is that fornication is wrong. It is true that it is hard to resist but we can be resistant to this odd God helping and our own determination inline with what we want from life. The truth about fornication is that it might be suppressed for a while from public view but it cannot be conquered or hidden for a life time, the truth will always out.

The truth is that most boys/ men are weak when it comes to their emotions as such they need girls/ women who are strong in controlling this emotions for a wonderful time so they can avoid certain wrongs. Reverse is the case with women. Also its true that love is about sharing one another’s concerns and interest, so tell what love is there when you love me and cannot respect my opinion about sex out of marriage?. Every one has things or principles which they uphold either for God and for their self esteem okay, so know that no one is refusing to have sex with you because you aint good enough or because they desire it with some one else. The truth is good for us all to engage in certain things in right timing.