Loud Thoughts : Cheating On God


Have you ever been so busy so much that you feel like you are cheating on God? Yes cheating!

You miss out on your bible study schedule, you miss and forget your prayer appointments, activities replace your date hours with Him? This is how I feel some days eg today. However, the good thing is that live is not about feelings and so because I love Him I will not let feelings hurt my heart walk and separate us, I receive His reminders in my spirit. If I dwell on the feeling it becomes a guilt trap of the enemy so I decide not to give it room but instead appreciate the consciousness of the Spirit in me , putting me to remembrance. I will keep pressing into His love in my little mutterings, whispers of thank you Lord under my breath.

Thank God for work but even more thank Him more for seeing Him even in your busy schedules. Happy Palm Sunday

Much love

Internal Noise Battle


I don’t know why things are the way they are for me?

It seems God is not listening to my prayers and I know it is not because I have unconfessed sins.

What can be the problem?

Have you ever been at this cross road? God always sends messages to us or answers to our prayers but the issue is that we are always too noisy within to hear what directives Continue reading

Expect Love and More Love

we often times work so hard to get people to like and love us. We become another version of ourselves seeking acceptance. Contrary to God’s own formula, He seeks us out to love us and give us love, unfailing love. With Him, our expectation si allowed to be love and more love. (Jer 31:3) Prayer: Father help me to let you love me.


Even when we left Him down by our disobedient ways, oh He is still ever willing to start all over with us again not remembering any pain or hurt we might have caused Him and instead works at bringing out the best in us show. How can you deny such Continue reading

Saved Prayer Style


saved.jpgS= Sing songs of praises and worship for He deserves the Glory

A= Acknowledge your sins and repent from them. Do not assume forgiveness, ask for it.

V= Voice out your request (Phi 4:6) to Him in accordance to His WORD ONLY and once that is done, victory is assured in Jesus name.

saved 1.jpg

E= Expect answers to voiced request which you have made in Faith as only genuine expectations in faith won’t be cut off.

D=Decree and declare constantly the word over the situation requested always to enforce victory.

Our God is not a prayer storing God and so will definitely do to us according to our Faith.Actions validate our faith. God is able so long as we take personal responsibility


Unashamed- Beach Attitude


We knelt on the beach, prayed, (Acts 20:5b NOG)

We are not a cult but lovers of the creator of the heavens and the earth. I have been blessed by the passage above. In prayers our posture is as vital as our actions and position. When Paul was set to sail after being warned not the go to Jerusalem yet, he stay and was once his stay was over, the disciples and their families set out to see him off to the new location. They got to the beach and knelt down and prayed.We have to grow in our love to begin to spend time with Him everywhere especially in this century. I see non-Christians pray by the road side and every possible place so long as its prayer time so unashamed.

Kneeling is a vital position in PRAYER. You might be wondering why the beach? It is important as it is a quiet place or populous one but most importantly God is calling our attention to the fact that we have to be open to Him in prayer, unashamed of who is next to us, or who is watching and what they are saying. We have to be totally open if we will see Him manifest by answered prayers.

Develop a beach attitude each time you set to seek God. Be open, be free and be unashamed as you approach the mercy sit daily. Stay blessed

Prayer: Father breath afresh upon my prayer walk in Jesus name. Let a fresh wind of your Spirit ignite fire on my prayer alter in Jesus name


This Response Will Shock You


Google Image

Loyalty has a tendency to have minority. Not many visual but more than we think.

 I have been trusting and working hard at getting a good job. I am really doing all it takes to have a great marriage. I am studying hard to make a pass in my exams, it’s being long coming. I have made every possible contact and used the best strategy I know and it seems the business just won’t grow. What is really going on? I am serving and believing. I see so much compromise and “odd-living” and yet all seems well for them. I am to be married yet it seems the favor for it aint coming. Is it just me or everyone has same hassle? I mean those who believe the Greater one is watching?

It is totally acceptable to get real with God. Elijah did get real with, complaining about the world and how it feels like he is the only one believing and in his situation and God totally shocked him. ” Oh Son, they are 7000 more that know I am more than able and faithful and make all good in my time because your times are in my hands” Really? says Elijah. (Rom 11:2-6)He thought it was just him battling what he was battling but oh no. His end showed that God is Faithful. Ravens as selfish and wild as they are fed him.How awesome it is to believe.

Get real with God but even more trust His ability to make Good of every promise He made to you. Check with Abraham, David, Isaac and even me lol and you will know that He always comes through on time and in time.

Much love @InspiredGrisele