Lyrical Motivation : Like Oil


I pour this perfume, not to impress
the people standing around
I pour this perfume,’cause of your worthiness
as I behold you now

I come before You, Just as I am
I lay me at Your Feet
I bring before You, All that I have
I lay it at Your Feet
It’s foolishness I know
But your foolishness is wiser than my wisest
Wiser, wiser

You are worthy, worthy, worthy Lord
You are worthy worthy worthy so –
Praise like oil
For You I pour it out
For You I pour it out
I pour, I pour it out for You

by: We Will Worship

Oh Yes He Answers Prayers

O yes He answers prayers

O yes He answers prayers

The God I serve answers prayers

Only Jesus answers prayers

What a marvelous God

What a marvelous God

He has done marvelous things for me

What a powerful God

What a marvelous

He is yet to do marvelous things again

I call to you

You answer me from your Holy Hill

I run to you

You make my feet like hinds

Leaping over every wall

With You I can run through a troop

Leap over the walls