Morning Dew

My Heart is open to receive from you

My heart is open to receive from you

Come on and breath on me

Come on and change my life

Please wash me of every dirt

Please cleanse me of every sin

My eyes are open

My hands are lifted

I need a touch from you

Father I need a touch from you

My heart is open to receive from you

Counting Cost


Loss or gain, count your cost

Beyond Mathematics or Accounting, count the cost

It is time to build, count the cost

It’s battle time, count your cost

Before spewing out those words, count the cost

You want to start a relationship, count the cost

You want begin that business, count the cost

Save yourself from shame by; counting cost

Emerge successful by counting cost

Love will cost you

Hate will cost you

People will cost you

Life will cost you

Investments will cost you

Even Jesus counted His cost

Begin to count the cost, clarity and proper planning will set in

Count your cost today

(Luke 14:25-34)

Life Secrets


Life is a gift and its worth celebrating and you can make the most out of each day. This is one way to make all great

  1.  Live quietly ( peace). Study quietness
  2. Mind your business ( stay focus on your goals and dreams)
  3. Work with your hands…. be productive. Kill people dependency syndrome. You have what it takes. Look within

( 1 Thes 4:11)

Plus And Minus of Moving Houses


There are many we take for granted in our lives and one of such things I have come to appreciate is the blessing of having shelter; a place to sleep after a day’s hustle. I understand better now that when God says I will bring you to a large and spacious place ( Ps 18:19, 118:5) and also that the lines are fallen unto pleasant places ( Ps 16:6) it was because, He knows that space is vital to our living the abundant life.

This morning I lay on my bed after moving our things into a new flat and looking back on my housing journey since I came to this Country ( it has been a whole novel), it has been God’s had all the way. One thing I noticed is no matter what the pluses might be to a new place , somehow, there are always some off keys either in the apartment or it’s surrounded amidst the beauty. The secret is to find peace and turn off the light  no the none pleasantries. God has been faithful and I am grateful even though I dislike moving and the adjustments that come with it

Now my plus and minus of moving houses

  • There is the joy of exploring a new place or clean flat opposed by the stress of cleaning out litters from previous occupant and anointing the place afresh to make it ready to use.
  • There is the joy of meeting new people and possibly making amazing new friends opposed by the challenge of stepping on toes and getting use to habits of flat mates that might frustrate you
  • There is joy in knowing that you are making progress in changing to a better place and having your own space opposed by starting anew to locate bus stops and groceries.
  • There is the joy of having new furniture as opposed by the unplanned need to declutter .

In it, I have learnt to appreciate God for the strength to move  as I know no experience is ever wasted in HIM.

Have you had to move or relocate? Kindly share your experience

We Can Be Again


We went from being friends to bring foes

we went from talking always to not talking at all

We went from holding hands to holding grudges

We went from laughing together to lying about ourselves

We went from celebrating to being envious

How did we get  here?

How did we let all these vices in?

How did we get to this traveled road?

Who let us down this path of destruction?

No one…. but us

We let  our hearts unguarded

We ignored the place of diligence

We can be better

We can be us again

Our strength is within us

We have power to do good

We can be us again

Thinking Our Actions Through



We need to think our actions through even by a muttering prayer no matter how goodly and innocent it may seem.

Hezekiah showed his house to well wishers after his recovery and what came after was a captivity note.( 2 Kings 20:13-18).

It is wisdom to be secretive sometimes. Do you agree?