Wrongly Sure

Oh how I love the gift of life, how I appreciate being among the living, pain free not excluding of emotional pain

Have you ever been so sure of something that nothing could make you think otherwise, even the pounding heart beats and the loud screams of your inner voice or subtly whisper of that Still voice.

Putting all the dots to assure you that you are right and then you wake up to know that you were so wrongly sure? I have been there, opening your heart to love and believing all he says and trying to use “church” to justify it and oops it comes clear and I just can’t get mad because I ignored the warning and played justification. Not on instincts but on knowing.

Him alone knows all, like David, do the “inquiry thing” even about all so that like me you don’t get wrongly sure and dream false. I’m now doing the inquiry 🙂




Pain is not hurt

It is deeper than hurt

It is felt

It can’t be adequately described to others

When we (I) lose loved ones

We experience pain

It is the path for all

Knowledge doesn’t stop the pain of a loss

He will take away every pain I know

RIP Big Sis #mummy


This Divorce is Hard- Calabar Chalk/ Stone


We are made of dust so what the heck if we eat dust? No harm right? I’m not so sure about that. It’s like we drink water and bathe with some (lol funny)

From my part of the world, Beautiful Cameroon, pregnant women are popular on eating this chalk and a few not pregnant us too got addicted to it and oh it suits just right you do need to eat as it truly in a weird way satisfies lol #crazysavings

My story on how i got married to this earthy friend. I suffered from nausea and it had an underlying health situation but I didn’t care to know as “calaba” served the need. Coins made the marriage stronger. I kept eating and eating till I was in the theatre for appendicitis and so I could no longer serve the marriage right.


A divorce was inevitable. I was constantly anaemic. I eat in little portions to keep the union strong but it was killing me softly. So time passed on this necessary evil and then I talked with a Pastor friend and my eyes got clearer on what it truly means to honor God with our body and our body being his temple. I knew my divorce was approved.

I prayed to let go this habit I married that I needed to detox from and yes He sent help for me. It is still a struggle even after the divorce but I’m sure I have help. Now I use my addition as facial mask and not defiling food and so can save my blood.

Do you like me have addictions you battle with?

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Stillness In The Storm

Now truth is told, no matter whom you are, what you have or where you are, we all face ups and downs in our lives, business, career and families. The difference is in the appellations.

You call it challenges, problems; we call it opportunity to manifest His Glory

You call it pain, we call it light affliction which will pass like all else

You say it’s shameful; you can’t be shameful of what is gainful

You call it trials; I say it’s the testing of my faith that worked patience, endurance and hope

There is stillness in knowing who controls your world;

If it’s the banking institutions then you have to cut back on your sleep to tail the market moves

If it is the Creator of the storms, then we can be still, knowing that no one knows how to manoeuvre its own products like the Manufacture

Our stillness is not in the absence of storms, it’s in the Presence of the calmer of storms

God never worries; Trust His Control and Character (Ps46:10)

Stop Working


It’s irritating, yes so bad

Why do keep doing it?

Why do keep working out people and things that will not work you out?

You can’t eat

You can’t sleep

You can’t even pray; you really need help

Stop please stop

Don’t blame anyone but you

If it won’t work you out, then free yourself

Get working on what works you out

2 can’t work unless be agreed

Agree on things that agree with you

Wisdom is profitable to direct

Smart working above hard work

Hunting thoughts

Beautiful lost memories

You are in charge of your life; no one else

Valued image

Right reading

Careful meditation

All is within you not without