Musings with God 1


Why are you acting as if I am a liar? You Know I am not. I cannot lie and will never lie. I do not lie. It is not in me to lie. I am not your equal or mate that you will be dragging words with me; That you will be giving unnecessary things place in your heart and life.

You know me. Listen to that silent inner voice. You know that I am more real than reality. You know that I am more faithful and my words more reliable than all the power there is in my matchless name

What happened to the walk we had? What happened to our trust and relationship. What happened to the confidence you had in me? You should let me love you and guard your heart with all diligence please. Do not let their fear become yours. I choose you, I called you and YOU are MINE. Yes MINE. Nothing can hurt or harm you. Trust my unfailing love

(Now to you reading; God is assuring you that He is for you and no matter what, He’s got you)

Lyrical Motivation : Like Oil


I pour this perfume, not to impress
the people standing around
I pour this perfume,’cause of your worthiness
as I behold you now

I come before You, Just as I am
I lay me at Your Feet
I bring before You, All that I have
I lay it at Your Feet
It’s foolishness I know
But your foolishness is wiser than my wisest
Wiser, wiser

You are worthy, worthy, worthy Lord
You are worthy worthy worthy so –
Praise like oil
For You I pour it out
For You I pour it out
I pour, I pour it out for You

by: We Will Worship

Lyrical Motivation- He Loves Us


He is jealous for me
Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree
Bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy

When all of a sudden
I am unaware of these afflications eclipsed by glory
And I realize just how beautiful you are
And how great your affections are for me

And oh, how he loves us so
Oh how he loves us
How he loves us so

You are so loved i tell. You better believe it. His love sets us free.

I Can’t Do With Your


Your validation validates

Your praise raises

Your favour erases stress

Your grace en-graces

Your love saves

Your peace quietens

Your arm protects

Your eyes establishes worth

Your voice makes a difference

Your breath livens

Your blood works

Your presence is mighty

Your singing is rejoicing

Without You, there is no me


If You Were Me


Yes Me

I made everything for you

I gave you everything

Pour out my best in you

Gave my best for you

Now you treat me as invisible

You put things before me

You put self before me

You put your desires before mine

If you were me,

How would you feel?

I will go for another

Another more appreciative

Another needier of me

Another more accepting of me

I pray you come back to me

Before I totally close my door

Yes the door to my wedding feast

Everyone is invited yet it’s time bound

If you were me

How would you feel

Beloved Not Partly


The Father called the son beloved. The devil called him the son only

Now taking away the love from the son-ship is a trap. The devil enslaves us when it is able to convince us that we are not loved. Once you begin feeling unloved all manner of ills will set in, depression, oppression and even suicidal tendencies

You are His beloved child not just His child




I didn’t ask you to figure me out.

Do you honestly think you have the capacity to?

Do you think figuring Me out is what will make you scale heights?

Well, my ways are past searching

My ways are not your ways

My thoughts are way beyond yours

I only asked you to trust Me and my forever settled Word

I only asked you to love me with your all and let Me do my amazing wonders in and for you

I am God and can do above and beyond

Trust me. Do not try to figure Me or My ways out


Loud Thoughts : Cheating On God


Have you ever been so busy so much that you feel like you are cheating on God? Yes cheating!

You miss out on your bible study schedule, you miss and forget your prayer appointments, activities replace your date hours with Him? This is how I feel some days eg today. However, the good thing is that live is not about feelings and so because I love Him I will not let feelings hurt my heart walk and separate us, I receive His reminders in my spirit. If I dwell on the feeling it becomes a guilt trap of the enemy so I decide not to give it room but instead appreciate the consciousness of the Spirit in me , putting me to remembrance. I will keep pressing into His love in my little mutterings, whispers of thank you Lord under my breath.

Thank God for work but even more thank Him more for seeing Him even in your busy schedules. Happy Palm Sunday

Much love