Dear “Man of God”


Standing, preaching


Still in the pit, trying to pull from the pit

Pouring into the people your bad content

Out there, you defile

Defile young converts

Cheat on new members

Use your title as the authority

Who called you?

You called yourself and claim He did

His own have His nature

His own has His character

They do not play lust as life

They do not bleach like light

They do not twist scriptures like cinnamon rolls

They do not foster falsehood

They do not have a form and deny the power

They do not love themselves most

They do not make compromise the promise

They do not hurt ladies blaming it on their laziness

They do not use young men claiming Joshua servanthood growth

They do not manipulate because they a called a man

You need to change

Prayers offered without willingness to stop preying?

Change your ways and actions

Return to your first love

A love that has always been true to you

A love that has never failed any

Repent ( You and me.. yes us)

Like the rest of us..repent

Stop All The “Fakeness”


We don’t seem to understand why! Why people just can’t be themselves? Why people can’t be real. If I love you I will tell you, just to free my emotions. If I see your lips and it’s so cute and I want kiss them; though I won’t ( #righttiming) but the reason I get to be honest is because I won’t give it room to make me feel guilty. The truth setting us free is deeper than just knowing the Word.

You criticize people for being themselves because you fear being you; so as to save face with men. That’s enslaving for you because this men you are saving faces for in some part of them know that you are not real.

You wear short cloths to work and get all “nunnery” when it’s church time? Continue reading

Face Value


A selfless life is among the many things that gives face value @me

Every twist has a turn

Have you ever encountered a cynical or sneaky person in your life or have you being all the mentioned. I have found myself experiencing both. Two-face, two-timing seems to be the new “normal in today’s world.

Who are we really? When he is not there? When she is not there? When your friend is not around? When your boss is not there? When the pastor isn’t there? Etc etc

Who are we really? The nice person when you need them or the one that genuinely cares and is intentional about being there?

Who are we really? Are we that predictable or just a bunch of “allness”?

The point is our face value is not for anyone but us. We can’t really fool people with our supposed face value. Lies only hurt us